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Fire Emblem Engage – How to Get Bond Fragments


Bond fragments are a resource that may be used to strengthen your relationship with the Emblems, engrave weapons, and make Bond rings. As you advance, you’ll require an increasing number of bond fragments to strengthen and alter the class of your characters. In addition, if players want to classify their characters into a particular role, they can want to connect with the Emblem Rings to try and obtain experience with specific weapons. You will learn how to obtain bond pieces in Fire Emblem Engage by reading this article:

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What is a Bond Level?

The grade that separates the twelve Emblem Rings that players can equip on these troops from the characters they can control is called the Bond Level. Gamers can effectively get benefits in combat by using the Emblem Rings similarly to how they can raise the support level between two units.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Bond Fragments

As previously indicated, by gaining access to other weapons, this Bond Level not only lets the player equip new skills on a unit but also allows them to change the character’s class completely.

Getting Bond Fragments by Complete Achievements

You can gather some bond pieces by going to the bulletin board on the Café Terrace at the Somniel after achieving achievements. In Fire Emblem Engage, there are a ton of achievements that you may get, most of them are passive.

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Bond Fragments

Completing shorter challenges, such as engaging in individual combat 1,000 times, will provide you with a modest amount of bond pieces, while longer challenges, such as gifting allies and defeating foes in battle, will reward you with a large amount. To obtain all of your link fragments, be sure to return often.

Getting Bond Fragments by Make Country Donations

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Bond Fragments

Donate money to other nations at the bulletin board to earn bond fragments and boost the quantity of bond fragments you obtain by mingling with allies following a combat. Remember that the higher rate won’t happen until after a conflict within that nation’s boundaries. You will obtain additional bond fragments as you donate more money.

Getting Bond Fragments by Fishing at the Pond

Fire Emblem Engage - How to Get Bond Fragments

Depending on the fish you capture at the pond, you will either earn a little amount of bond pieces or nothing at all. After a combat, this can be finished three times for a limited amount of fragments.


What is the point of the bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage?

Although they are sometimes eclipsed by the more potent Emblem Rings, crafting and equipping Bond Rings in Fire Emblem Engage can significantly bolster units and offer further tactical advantages in battle.

Can you inherit skills from bond rings Fire Emblem Engage?

In addition to providing some stat boosts, these rings let the wearer use some of the particular hero’s abilities, which become more accessible as they advance in level. Although those abilities are often limited to the time a ring is on, you do have the ability to permanently acquire abilities from an emblem.

What is the maximum bond in Fire Emblem Engage?

You must eventually complete a number of unique tasks to unlock the Max Bond Level of the Emblems, which is Level 20, in order to maximize your Bonds with them.

Can thieves promote in Fire Emblem Engage?

A unit can opt to advance by switching classes after reaching level 10, or they can continue leveling up to gain more stats. With the exception of the Thief and Dancer class, which do not promote and can level all the way to 40, most units have a maximum level of 20.

What is the max level in emblem engage?

Any class can only go as high as level 20. Although it is the official level cap, players will still be able to surpass it by using Master Seals. A Master Seal lowers the unit’s level to 1 without affecting their stats; in this way, they can level up to 20.

What is the best mode in Fire Emblem Engage?

Playing Fire Emblem on Normal is perfectly OK because it makes it the most enjoyable when you don’t have to keep trying. Hard is a preferable difficulty setting for Engage if you’ve played other Fire Emblem games or turn-based strategy games in general.