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Layers of Fear – How to Find the Workshop Key


The newest psychological horror game by Bloober Team, Layers of Fear, will test your ability to solve puzzles and withstand fear. Finding the workshop’s key will be one of the first riddles to answer in Layers of Fear to advance the plot. The workshop in Layers of Fear’s Painter’s Story requires players to unlock it when they first arrive to the house because it is locked. You can learn how to locate the workshop key in the layers of dread by reading this article:

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Where to Find the Workshop Key

According to the Painter’s Story in Layers of Fear, the Workshop room’s artwork is continuously improving. This indicates that the Workshop is the game’s most significant place.

Layers of Fear - How to Find the Workshop Key

The Workshop room, however, will be closed when players first arrive, with a sign stating that the Workshop key is located in the Painter’s Office on the door.

In Layers of Fear, go to the second floor and turn left to go through the first open door to locate the Workshop key. This will be the Painter’s workspace, with a Babyface painting over the desk in the middle.

Layers of Fear - How to Find the Workshop Key

One of the desk’s drawers contains the Workshop key. The drawers are already open, so it will be simple to find the key.

How and Where to Use Workshop Key

After obtaining the Workshop Key, proceed to the first floor and open the door marked with the note. You will see the door on your right when you come down the steps. Engage with the covered painting in the Workshop to start the first chapter of Painter’s Story.


What are the notes in Layers of Fear?

You can find notes all over Layers of Fear. They provide the player with further details and mythology about everything that occurred in the past, as well as the story of the Painter and his family.

What is the selfish ending in Layers of Fear?

Layers of Fear The artist in “Self Portrait” ends up creating a portrait of himself rather than his wife, which is then displayed in an art exhibition, implying that he has finally overcome his infatuation. In order to obtain “Self Portrait,” avoid approaching the painter’s spouse and refrain from pushing the wheelchair through the corridor.

Which color should I choose in Layers of Fear?

Choosing Red Paint appears to push players toward the Loop ending, whilst selecting Green Paint seems to push players toward the Family or Gallery endings, however other factors may tilt the scales throughout the playthrough.

What is the flame ending in Layers of Fear?

Except for the final chapter, the Director will offer instructions in each Actor’s Story chapter. The game keeps note of whether you do as you are told or defy them and do something else. In all four scenarios, you will receive the Flame ending if you follow the Director’s instructions.

Why did they remake Layers of Fear?

Bloober Team was able to combine the previous games with two new playable stories and take use of some major graphics improvements, such as 4k graphics and ray-tracing capabilities, because the game was rebuilt using Unreal Engine 5.