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Wild Hearts – How to Get Claw Blade


In Wild Hearts, the Claw Blade is the fastest weapon in the game, allowing you to slice and chop your way to victory. You have the ability to leap around and launch erratic attacks on the Kemono of the globe. But as you get to chapter 2, the action really picks up, and you have access to three additional weapons, including the Claw Blade. You can learn how to obtain a claw blade in wild hearts by reading this article:

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How to Unlock The Claw Blade

The Claw Blade in Wild Hearts can be obtained by finishing Chapter One, “Azuma, Land of the East.” After completing that, you can go to Natsume’s store in Minato and have a conversation with her. To access the weapon making menu, select “Have a weapon forged,” the first option. Granted, you have the proper materials; you can create the Claw Blade.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Claw Blade

You can equip the Claw Blade using the “Change Equipment” menu after it has been made. You can then use it like any other weapon after that. It is recommended that you locate a dummy bear and begin training in order to learn the Claw Blade movesets.

You will learn every maneuver you can do with the Claw Blade during the training. Having said that, if you are still in Chapter 1, these are the various Kemono that you need to locate in order to advance to Chapter 2 and obtain the Claw Blade as part of the main plot:

  • Remove Kingtusk’s barrier to access Minato Village.
  • Beat Spineglider
  • Beat Lavaback
  • Beat Gritdog
  • Take down Earthshaker

Wild Hearts - How to Get Claw Blade

Following that, a festival sequence will begin. Enjoy the cutscene, and as soon as it ends, speak to Natsume to unlock the Claw Blade.

When do you Get the Claw Blade?

There are only five weapons that can be made at the start of the game. That covers the Nodachi, Bladed Wagasa, Maul, Karakuri Katana, and Bow. But when you get to Chapter 2 after finishing Chapter 1, you can use various weapons. Thankfully, you can skip cutscenes to make procedure speedier.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Claw Blade

The blacksmith Natsume will be able to create new weapons once you kill the embarrassingly simple giant Kemono that threatens to destroy the village. This comprises the Claw Blade, of course, as well as the Hand Cannon and Karakuri Staff.

To create one, converse with Natsume as normal and choose “Claw Blade” from the list she shows you near the bottom. To create the new weapon, you will only need 100 Gold and one Corestone. Once you accept this price, you will receive the Claw Blade.


What is the most difficult weapon in Wild Hearts?

Because it can overheat and has a limited amount of ammunition, the Cannon is the most technically difficult weapon in Wild Hearts. As a result, you must strike a balance between dealing a lot of damage, replenishing ammunition, and taking quick rests to let it cool down. Setting down a Ki Base is necessary to get ammunition back.

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.

What is the hook blade in Wild Hearts?

After Chapter 2, you’ll be able to equip the Clawblade, a lightweight weapon that lets you launch swift attacks during aerial combat. For instance, the Attack 1 command lets you launch quick attacks, and the Attack 2 command lets you move around.

Is the claw blade good in Wild Hearts?

With its ability to build up a gauge that results in swift flurries on Kemono, the Claw Blade is a light, close-quarters weapon designed for aerial battle. You can dodge assaults and move quickly enough to stay ahead of them in battle. You can also do some impressive moves to earn extra style points.

What is the best weapon for Amaterasu in Wild Hearts?

Given that Amaterasu typically launches close-quarters attacks, long-range weaponry like the Bow and Hand Cannon work well against her. It is best to keep your distance from Amaterasu as much as possible. But you can use any weapon to defeat this Kemono, so bring the one you feel most comfortable with.