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Remnant 2 – How to Get Amber Moonstone


The Amber Moonstone is one of the best rings available in Remnant 2, as it not only provides buffs but is also required for class unlocking. Travelling across the Remnant 2 environment, you must locate or purchase numerous accessories to supplement your build with useful perks and buffs. Although the game offers a wealth of items to earn, this green ring is a must-have if you want to unlock the corrupted door inside the Labyrinth. This post will describe how to obtain amber moonstone in remnant 2.

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What is the Amber Moonstone?

The Amber Moonstone ring is a fantastic piece that will help you survive the most deadly conflicts because of the effect of this ring, when your health dips below 30%, you obtain the following bonuses.

  • All incoming damage has been decreased by 25%.
  • You also become immune to all Temporary Status Effects.

Although Amber Moonstone is ineffectual when you are more than 30% healthy, it becomes useful in specific game conditions. For starters, while you don’t have powerful equipment or weapons at the start of the game, Amber Moonstone will let you survive far longer. At the same time, thanks to the influence of this ring, you may battle the last bosses with much more confidence despite your low health.

How to Get Amber Moonstone

So, to obtain this exact green ring, proceed directly to Ward 13. In Remnant 2, you can discover a Scrap Merchant known as Cass.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Amber Moonstone

Go to her and interact with the merchant to inspect her inventory. The Amber Moonstone is priced at 500 fragments. So you can buy it from her and use it with your gear to boost the stats of your Remnant 2 build.

You may not always see this ring featured among her accessories, so you can vary your visits to Cass. In doing so, the Amber Moonstone in Remnant 2 will ultimately appear among the other shop items available for purchase.


How do you get the ring of crisis in Remnant 2?

Explore the Dungeon to discover a door that requires the Aerary Glyph item. The door is identifiable by the red LEDs that illuminate the entire portion. Unlock the door, then beat the “Progeny” boss. Keep going upstairs until you reach the Ring of Crisis.

How do you get Archon in Remnant 2?

Once you’ve found the Strange Box, go to Wallace and trade it for 1,000 Scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals. After completing the transaction, players will get the Hexahedron and unlock the Archon Archetype.

How do you get Zania’s malice in Remnant 2?

Zania’s Malice can be found in the following locations: Can be found in Root Earth’s Ashen Wasteland. After the first checkpoint before the train cart horde fight, search for a hole in the wall above the first ramp down.

Where is the best place to farm in Remnant 2?

One of the best areas to farm Scrap in the game is The Hatchery, one of the two primary dungeons available to players on N’Erud. It makes no difference whether players start in Seeker’s Rest or the Forgotten Prison as long as they do not acquire the Putrid Domain.

Can you max out all traits in Remnant 2?

However, in Remnant 2, leveling Traits has changed, with Archetype Traits now automatically getting +1 when the associated Archetype is leveled. Traits are fully maxed out at level 10. Players can have a maximum of 110 Trait Points to enhance their playstyle and build.