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Foods You Might Want to Purchase for a Party


Few things are more enjoyable than throwing a dinner party or party in the garden for many friends and family, but the expense is a major barrier. Many hosts question, “How will I feed the guests inexpensive party food and refreshments, especially on a budget?” Hosting a potluck is the easiest way to minimize the expense of party food and snacks. 

Ask your guests to bring something to the party that will help with the dinner. Ideally, this is a straightforward and useful addition that doesn’t impose too much on the visitor but helps you save some money. The ideal situation is when it’s a dish that the meal doesn’t depend on in case they don’t appear but nevertheless enhances it.

Foods for Party

Here are some foods that you might want to purchase for a party:


Cooking soup is really affordable. It is simple to serve and can be prepared in advance in a slow cooker. The soup pot, ladle, bowls, spoons, and a few garnishes should only be placed on the table. Make some soup that everyone will enjoy, like chili, cheddar potato, or ham and bean soup.


Similar to a baked potato bar, a pasta bar serves a big pot of pasta along with a few sauces and toppings. Once more, ask visitors to bring something, such as their preferred spaghetti sauce or food that goes well with pasta, such as diced chicken breasts. The spaghetti and possibly a few important toppings are what you pay for.

Customized Pizza

Making a lot of mini pizza crusts and partially baking them ahead of time is all that is required for this fantastic make-your-own-meal concept. The only ingredients you will need are some flour and some yeast. You can provide some standard pizza toppings, such as cheese and sauce, and invite guests to bring their personal favorites. 

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This works well if guests arrive gradually because you can always have a few pizzas baking. You could also prepare a few large pizzas from scratch, which is simple and still affordable even for a large group.

Cheese and Crackers

This easy-to-serve snack option is well-liked by most crowds. Place some crackers in a bowl or platter, then top with cheeses that can be spread or cut into slices. If you purchase cheese blocks and slice them yourself at home before the occasion, you may easily find them for a reasonable price at a warehouse club.

Vegetables and Dip

If you are prepared to do a lot of the chopping yourself or have access to a warehouse club, this can be a cheap snack. With a premade or easy homemade dip, serve washed and sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Not only will practically everyone choose this delectable combination, but it’s also reasonably priced.

Deviled Eggs

If you have access to inexpensive eggs, deviled eggs are exceedingly cheap and simple to make. Eggs are simply hard-boiled, cut in half, the yolks removed, a delectable mixture made in a blender with the yolks and a few other ingredients, and then the yolk mixture is put back into the sliced eggs. It is feasible to make 24 deviled eggs for just a few dollars.

Pickle Roll-ups

If you can get a good deal on a pound or two of sliced ham, you might make a lot of money with these snacks. Put a pickle spear in the center of a deli slice of ham, cover one side with a thin layer of cream cheese, and then wrap the ham around the pickle spear. To make the long cigar-shaped rolls easier to consume as finger foods and to give individuals the option of choosing their own portion size, slice them into smaller rolls or discs.

Mini Sausages

If you can locate an affordable source for the sausages, such as a nearby warehouse club, these frequently referred to as “little smokies” can be a great cheap treat. Make or purchase a barbecue-based sauce, coat the sausages generously, place them in a slow cooker with any excess sauce, and simmer everything on low for a few hours until thoroughly heated.

Fried Pickles

If you have access to an air fryer or deep fat fryer, you can make them for a very low cost. Purchase a sizable jar of pickles from a warehouse club or bargain grocer, cut them into discs, bread them with flour and some seasonings to enhance the flavor, then fry them. A straightforward mayonnaise-based dip makes a great side dish.

Final Thoughts

It’s simple to prepare entire meals or inexpensive snacks for parties. You can cook delectable meals for shockingly little money if you have a little imagination, a few basic essentials, and access to a warehouse club.