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Wild Hearts – How to Get Giant Kemono Petal


You have a lot to seek while exploring the stunning and perilous world of Wild Hearts. A remarkable fusion of materials, flora, and animals produced a multitude of distinct Komonos. Little Kemonos are not very dangerous to the player and frequently congregate in tiny flocks. A lot of things are only available in specific Kemono or locations, and the game’s explanation of how to obtain items isn’t always very clear. You can learn how to obtain enormous kemono petals in wild hearts by reading this article:

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Where to Find Giant Kemono Petal

The Blossom Trail in Wild Hearts is the location you must visit in order to battle the Kemono required to obtain the Giant Kemono Petal. Remember that is order to obtain this content as a drop, you must also be in either Chapter 3 or Chapter 4. We’ve included a crude map below, but to get a more accurate idea of where it is, make sure you construct a tower.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Giant Kemono Petal

How to Get Giant Kemono Petal

Venomglider Giant Kemono is a massive flying squirrel that you must battle in order to obtain Giant Kemono Petal in Wild Hearts. This beast will appear soon after you arrive at the northernmost part of the Blossom Trail region, which is where you will find Chapter Three. However, we suggest that you hold off on attacking this boss. You ought to get to Chapter 4 based on what other Wild Hearts gamers have to say.

Many claim that as a result of this, your chances of receiving the Giant Kemono Petal as a random drop from the monster will be significantly increased. It is up to you to decide whether or not to heed the suggestion, though, as we have not located any proof of this information. Since a small flying squirrel is smaller and appears even more harmless than a Ragetail Kemono, you will undoubtedly feel more at ease when you see one, but you shouldn’t.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Giant Kemono Petal

Venomglider will turn into a ball and fill its tail with poison as soon as it approaches you. Venomglider uses its front paws and tail for the majority of its physical attacks. Actually, though, you should watch out for the poison inside. Venomglider can leap on the tail till it explodes, spray it in different directions, and launch numerous other similar attacks. In order to survive, make sure you employ Pounder Karakuri.

Although the Venomglider battle may take a while, if you prevail, the monster will turn around and you can eliminate him. You will obtain a great deal of useful materials, such as Venomglider Bloom Horn, Toxic Lintel, Petal Derm, Claw, Patagium, and more, much like with other Giant Kemono. However, if you’re fortunate enough, you might also obtain the rarest Venomglider drops—the Giant Kemono Petal.


What is the hardest Kemono in Wild Hearts?

Lavaback. The Lavaback, who can move with great agility and unleash powerful assaults that can take out even the most skilled hunters, is arguably the most difficult Kemono in the first chapter of Wild Hearts.

What is Kemono’s weakness in Wild Hearts?

Weapons that execute slashing or lunging attacks are too strong for this Kemono to handle. Put on armor items that shield you from the Fire attribute.

How do you hunt Amaterasu again Wild Hearts?

Once you’ve defeated him, run around and collect every quest that becomes visible. When you complete the task at the topmost top of Minoto, the bard who originally wanted you to kill Earthbreaker twice will now want you to murder Amaterasu once more.

What is the best starting gear in Wild Hearts?

Because to its strong attributes, the Young Samurai Armor Set is a great early-game set. A player can choose between the Kemono-path and the Human-path using it. For individuals who enjoy using human technology to strengthen their defenses, the Human-path is the best option.

Is Amaterasu impossible in Wild Hearts?

Amaterasu may appear unattainable initially, but after you understand its patterns, it becomes rather manageable. It simply tracks like a guided missile and hits extremely forcefully, making it simple to receive a two-shot or, depending on your armor, a single-shot when you miscalculate.

Can you parry in Wild Hearts?

With the Attack 1 button, you may launch lightning-fast attacks that can be linked into rapid-fire combos; with the Attack 2 button, you can launch high-penetration attacks that can turn into aerial maneuvers; and with the Special Attack button, you can utilize parry movements that drain stamina to repel a variety of attacks.