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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get Ashley Armor


Ashley’s armor appears in the Resident Evil 4 remake as a bonus outfit awarded for completing the “A Rank Investigator” task. Ashley is shielded from all forms of harm, including Leon’s bullets, by the suit, a metal armor set in the style of medieval knights. Ashley looks unattractive in her medieval armor, but it makes her humorous and nearly invulnerable. You can easily and confidently take on challenging tasks and advance to higher rankings when outfitted in Ashley’s Knight Armor. You may learn how to obtain Ashley armor in the Resident Evil 4 remake by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Ashley’s Knight Armor

As previously mentioned, you must finish the main game scenario to obtain Ashley’s Knight Armor. After all, you must finish Resident Evil 4 Remake in 10 hours on the Hardcore setting to get Ashley’s Knight Armor. After fulfilling this requirement, you will obtain Ashley’s distinctive clothing and the Hardcore A rank.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Ashley Armor

You can streamline the procedure a little, but we’re confident it won’t take many tries to do this. To begin with, you can finish the game and then go through New Game Plus mode a few times to obtain a few strong weapons, such as the Infinite Rocket Launcher. Playing the game multiple times can also help you get more ready for the task; in the Hardcore level, you may finish the game in ten hours.

How to Wear Ashley’s Armor

The armor can be accessed in the Extras area of the main and pause menus once it has been unlocked. Players must access the Extras menu, pick “Armor,” then “Ashley’s Costume” in order to put it on. However, take aware that you can only remove the outfit from the main menu.

Resident Evil 4 Remake - How to Get Ashley Armor

Armor Benefits

When worn, Ashley’s Knight Armor has the potential to alter the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s gameplay greatly. Now, let’s examine this unusual costume’s advantages and drawbacks to better comprehend its influence.

  • Invulnerability:  Ashley is virtually impervious to hostile attacks thanks to the Knight Armor, its main benefit. In perilous circumstances, this additional safety may save your life.
  • Immunity to kidnapping: Ashley can’t be taken down by foes when wearing the armor, which stops a typical reason for game-overs.
  • Enhanced focus:  Players can concentrate on other areas of the game, such strategy and exploration, without always worrying about Ashley’s safety, since she is better protected.


How do you unlock Ashley armor in Resident Evil 4?

Players must set the level to Hardcore and complete the game in less than ten hours to earn an A rank and the armor for Ashley. Players can purchase the armor for 2,000 CP after it becomes available in the Extra Content Shop.

Can you look up Ashley’s skirt in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

A few players are really irate over the Resident Evil 4 remake’s inability to look up a woman’s skirt, which is a perfectly reasonable grievance. There are a lot of changes in Resident Evil 4, as it is being completely remade from the ground up.

Can you increase Ashley’s health in Resident Evil 4?

In contrast to the original RE4, Ashley’s HP cannot be maximized in the remake. Unlocking the armor for her via the Extra Content Shop is an alternative, though. Her health bar is totally removed by this protective armor, rendering her unstoppable.

What does Leon do after RE4?

Leon gets hired by the Division of Security Operations (DSO), a counterterrorism organization under the direct supervision of the President. In Resident Evil – Code: Veronica, he is described during this period as helping Claire by forwarding her SOS email to Chris.

Who is the president’s daughter in RE4?

Ashley Graham, a prominent supporting character in Resident Evil 4, is the daughter of the US president and can be played for a brief period of time. While Ashley is traveling through Europe, Jack Krauser kidnaps her and takes her to a town in Spain that Los Illuminados run.