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Fortnite Hack Threatens Personal Data And Logins During Game


We warn parents and people from all around the world as Fortnite game leaks personal information. Fortnite is a war game and one of the best ones that everyone likes to play. There is a recent discovery of a child’s information on a dark web with every personal detail. The dark web gives £2.05 for each detail. It includes personal information, logins, and passwords for your accounts. The Fortnite has become a nightmare for the people and kids who are using it. By a simple hack, hackers are stealing your information while you are playing the game.

What Does The TOP10VPN Are Saying About Fortnite Hack

The online criminals are getting huge paychecks for stealing your information through Fortnite. Even though, it can be your bank account information. Many of us save this sensitive and critical information for safekeeping on our phones and laptops. But, it’s not safe if you are using this game. Top10VPN released this news today to expose the dark secrets of Fortnite. The head researcher of the company has stated:

“Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world and a center of attraction for people who are looking for war games. But, the user base of this game is nothing more than exploitation. The criminals are using the user’s information through the game and sending all those details to the dark web. The users can be women, children and any teenager whose life can be a part of danger now.”

He further stated, “By hacking the accounts of the game where people have given their account information might result in purchases through the card. Many of us do in-app purchases, and if any of you is using Fortnite purchases uninstall it before you lose your secret information. The bigger concern today is that the users of this game are mostly children and teenagers so they are not aware of the fact about what’s going on. This is why we recommend parents and people around the world to stop using Fortnite before you suffer a great loss.

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Online Criminals Have A Tournament Of Hacking Personal Information

The threats faced by this game was also a part of another game. Battle Royale, the famous game also faced the same situation but they caught up the situation at the early stage. Fortnite is also facing Android APK Leak which is unable to handle by the developers. There are tournaments running on the dark web for criminals. The criminal with more information will be the winner of the tournament. Stop using the game so you can be safe from the whole criminal hacking through games. Stay tuned for more information regarding Fortnite.

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