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Four ways to create privacy within your garden


Even if we might be feeling a bit lethargic after the clocks change, it’s important to remember that Daylight Saving Time gives us more light to enjoy in the evenings. Whether you prefer to sit in the shade with a refreshing drink or grill something tasty on the barbecue, you’ll probably want a bit of privacy.

In this guide, we’ll look at four of the best ways to make your own outdoor space feel hidden away from prying eyes, helping to create your private oasis.

1. A pergola

If you live close to your neighbours’ houses, you’ll know how easy it is to have an unwanted conversation over the fence. The humble pergola not only adds rustic charm to any outdoor seating area but provides a useful barrier for onlookers, especially from above.

Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic pergola ideas to help inspire you to make your garden more peaceful. Whether you’d prefer to spread foliage over the top or place a comfortable bench underneath, you won’t be short of possibilities with a new pergola.

2. Hedges and greenery

If you’re feeling green-fingered, adding a tidy hedgerow is a great way to add more privacy to your garden. With just a few simple tips and tricks alongside a cordless hedge trimmer, you’ll be able to keep your hedge at any height, helping to make your garden feel private and look exceptional, too.

Shrubs like beech, box and yew make popular choices in pruned gardens, but conifers are best for those seeking privacy thanks to their dense, year-round foliage.

Furthermore, it’s also a great way to encourage a diverse natural habitat in your garden. According to the RSPB, hedges support almost 80% of woodland birds and almost a third of all butterflies in the UK, supporting their survival.

3. Privacy screens

Garden privacy screens are available in multiple different materials and make a great solution. Wooden privacy panels compliment any garden with existing painted fences. If you add shelves, slots or pockets, these screens can also be turned into multipurpose design features, perfect for smaller gardens.

4. Soundproofing

One of the most effective ways to drown out any noise pollutants in your garden – including traffic sounds and noisy neighbours – is with a water feature.

A few things to consider when choosing a water feature include the water feed source and how the feature is powered, alongside the space available in your garden. Once you’ve found a perfect fit, you’ll be able to enjoy this practical ornament for years to come!

Overall, you won’t have to look too far to make your garden feel more private – and by choosing a hedge, you’ll be helping out the local wildlife, too.