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Gaming vs. Streaming – Which one is better and Why?


Binge-watching TV shows while lying on a comfortable couch all day long seems like a nice way to spend your free time. There are many streaming sites, such as Netflix, with a plethora of movies and TV shows to keep viewers hooked for hours.

Also, there’s always a trending show that you have to watch, so you don’t feel like you’re left behind. However, a new trend, gaming, is gaining popularity and is on par with streaming as a great pastime for many.

Today’s video games are interactive with next-level graphics, and you can spend countless hours playing just like you would be binge-watching. So, which is a better pastime, gaming or streaming? Let’s break down each activity to find out which comes out on top.

Pros of Streaming TV shows and Movies

No Wait Time

Streaming TV shows and movies are fast and easy to get through. Netflix releases an entire season at a go, which is great for binge-watching. You don’t have to wait for new episodes. Movies are good for social life, hygiene, and productivity.

Streaming Relieves Stress

According to research, streaming your favorite online content releases a chemical in the brain known as dopamine. This chemical neutralizes excess cortisol, which is the primary cause of stress.

So, with lots of new movies to stream on Netflix, you’ll spend lots of time doing something you enjoy. Your body will keep releasing feel-good hormones to eliminate stress in your life.

Binge-watching Strengthens Relationship

Streaming TV shows and movies give a family or a group of friends something to talk about. You can discuss the plot or on-screen events at length, strengthening your bond.

Streaming is More Fulfilling

There are different films and TV shows, and you have plenty of options for more fulfilling content. Whether you like films with multi-dimensional characters, complex storylines, thrillers, or comedies, there’s something for everyone.

Pros of Gaming

Gaming is Interactive

Playing an online game, especially a skill-based game, allows you to interact with it. You get to enjoy the in-game achievement you earn, which is highly rewarding. Players also control what happens in a game which adds to the fun because you create your own story.

Gaming is a Great Way of Avoiding Stress

As stated earlier, unwinding in front of a TV watching a TV show or film is a great way to relax and relieve stress.

However, gaming also allows you to relax as you escape from your daily activities. Like streaming, progressing in a game releases the same dopamine in the brain, a chemical that makes you feel happy.

You Can Become a Professional

Gaming starts as a hobby, but you can become a professional if you engage with it daily. The more you play video games, the more you sharpen your skills. Gaming can be more than just a pastime; it’s a passion. Once you become a professional, you can even earn money playing video games.

Gaming Offers Value

People play games to have fun and get entertained, and most games deliver to that extent. In addition, a video game provides an escape from reality or provides a much-needed distraction, which is an unmatched value.

Which is Better, Gaming or Streaming?

Nowadays, streaming services such as Netflix or Disney Plus have completely changed the TV viewing experience.

Viewers can watch what they want when they want. Also, the quality of TV shows and films has improved, with studios spending millions of dollars per episode and hundreds of millions of dollars per film.

Most of today’s shows attract the best actors; the storylines are well crafted and are similar to reading a book. Therefore, you can spend hours streaming because it’s like watching a fictional tale unfold on TV.

On the other hand, most games have an exciting plot, great character development, and incredible graphics. As a player, you step into a world where you can do anything you want, and this is where gaming has the edge over streaming.

As a player, you get to control the pace of the events in the game, the plot, and the locations, something you can’t do when streaming TV shows or films. You can quickly finish a level to proceed to the next one or take time to zoom in on the details.

In addition, most games have side plots that give the player a certain amount of freedom to understand the world better.

In the end, playing an interactive video game is similar to watching a story with great characters unfold.


Both gaming and streaming can be addictive and are best enjoyed in moderation. However, gaming is better than streaming because you cooperate with other people and simulate real actions that you cannot do in the real world.