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How Online Gaming Is Keeping Friendships Alive


Was it just a few years ago when so many people advocated staying offline because society has become too antisocial due to the time spent messaging and chatting online? It’s rather ‘funny’ to see how we’ve turned around 180 degrees in our way of thinking. Without the ability to socialise online, many of us would have become stark raving mad. In today’s world, online gaming is actually keeping our friendships alive in a number of ways. To truly appreciate the benefits of online gaming, let’s look at some of the reasons why.

A Global Pandemic

It goes without saying that the global pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, affected our friendships. Several times within the past few years, society has literally had to shut down. Only essential services were allowed to keep their doors open. These included such things as banks, grocery stores, fuel stations, pharmacies and even some department, hardware, and home improvement stores. All businesses considered to be non-essential were ordered to shut down to the public as restrictions were mandated or face citations from inspectors.

Schools were also closed so university students couldn’t get together for a bit of fun on campus. Where they would often meet at a local club, there were no clubs open. In fact, many dorms were shut down and students were sent home until government lifted that restriction. If it weren’t for online gaming, many of those students wouldn’t have been able to keep in touch with friends they’d made at college.

Common Interests

Another way in which online gaming is keeping friendships alive is because so many of our peers enjoy the same games as we do. Whether we are talking interactive online video games or meeting up at the best mobile casino, we can have fun playing everything from poker to pokies and share the fun with friends even while on the road for business or pleasure.

There are several highly popular online video games you can enjoy with friends, and these would include such games as:

  • Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Minecraft
  • NBA2K20
  • Among Us

In fact, Among Us is so popular that there are even Among Us t-shirts and accessories sold in local shops. We enjoy playing these games so much that we can easily lose touch with friends who don’t join the action!

Advances in Online Gaming

While there are some online games without a chat feature, many have made advances in technology so that chat features are available. This makes it nice when playing in teams with friends. Some of the chat features are traditional message boards in a sidebar or pop up, but the more technologically advanced games have a voice chat function available with a gaming headset.

This is especially helpful to friends playing on a team against common enemies. They can advise each other on what their next move should be and have a good laugh when one or the other gets knocked to the ground, or worse. The point is that a loyal gamer would be on the game anyway so why not share the fun with friends? By staying connected in your favourite games, you are indeed keeping friendships alive and all thanks to advances in gaming technology.

Are You Game?

It seems as though over the past few years many people have lost their ability to connect with others. They’ve spent so much time in mandated isolation that they’ve totally lost the ability to interact on a physical, social level. While re-learning how to maintain a physical person-to-person friendship, gaming is keeping that connection alive. If you are feeling left out in the cold, we could ask, are you game? Take out the PC or mobile phone and make that connection. You’ll be out and about before you know it and all thanks to online gaming!