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Gigabyte’s Gen5 solid state drives are currently for sale on Newegg and Amazon


To the best of our knowledge, Gigabyte appears to be the first manufacturer to make its AORUS Gen5 10000 series available to customers in the United States. At the very least, this is the case according to the information we have. At this time, the company is taking orders for its storage space, which has a capacity of 2 terabytes, at the price of $339.99. This equates to a price of $0.17 per GB when broken down. This model is $170 more expensive than the Gen4 7000s variation that was offered in the generation before this one.

In contrast to the storage provided by other companies, the AORUS Gen4 storage did not achieve a peak throughput of 7 GB/s. Consumers were informed that the model from the generation preceding theirs had the possibility of reaching sequential transfer rates of up to 5 gigabytes per second. The new Gen5 10000 SSD, on the other hand, has a peak read speed of up to 10 GB/s and a sequential write performance of up to 9.5 GB/s. Both of these figures are based on the sequential write performance. These two numbers are derived from the sequential write performance of the device. When compared to previous storage solutions that have been introduced up to this point, the one that was developed by Gen5 is breathtakingly quick.

The AORUS Gen5 storage system is outfitted with a heatsink that was designed by Thermal Guard Xtreme in addition to having 232-layer NAND memory as part of its basic configuration. This memory is part of the system’s basic configuration. It is not known whether the storage can function properly without the heatsink or whether Gigabyte wants to make a model that does not contain it but is cheaper than the one that does include it. The model that does include it is now the only option available. On the other hand, testers already have access to this storage for the goal of evaluating it; hence, it is just a matter of time before we find out more about what is going on here.