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Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner


Students at Hogwarts are never left to fend for themselves, and developing friendships with both fellow students and teachers is a vital part of the Hogwarts Legacy experience. Considering that players will begin their magical trip to Hogwarts as fifth-year students, it may appear challenging to form relationships and acquire companions in the game. Yet, it is something that comes naturally, and Hogwarts Legacy provides players with a wide variety of partners from which to choose.

As players progress through the main storyline of Hogwarts Legacy, they will come face to face with a variety of interesting characters, including witches, wizards, house elves, and more. These friends of witches and wizards, with whom the player can interact and occasionally undertake perilous adventures and missions, are what provide the player with the most meaningful assistance in the game. Despite this, some students at Hogwarts are more dependant on their house than others.

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian Sallow is someone who, in the time-honored tradition of Slytherin, passionately thinks that rules were created just to be disobeyed. Sebastian’s mastery of the dark arts, which includes the Unforgivable Curses that Hogwarts forbids and that the magical world of witches and wizards sees as somewhat illegal, is one of his most significant interests, talents, and secrets. These curses are considered to be somewhat illegal in the magical world. In spite of this, Sebastian is not interested in the power of the Unforgivable Curses only for the sake of power or curiosity; rather, he is frantic to find a treatment for his sister Anne, who has been cursed with an unidentified and mystery illness that is thought to be terminal.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner

Sebastian is a helpful guy that will assist the player in a number of different situations during the game. His allegiance is tied to his sister as well as the trust that he might obtain from the player if they let him in. Sebastian is a fine character who should be given the opportunity to shine because all he wants to do is protect his sister, even though doing so could get him kicked out of Hogwarts and into trouble with the Ministry of Magic. Yet, the player needs Sebastian in order to study any of the dark and forbidden magic in Hogwarts Legacy, including the Avada Kedavra spell.

Natsai Onai

Natsai Onai is a character in the Hogwarts Legacy game who is known for being both compassionate and daring. Natsai, whose charisma and bravery make her a natural fit for the Gryffindor house, introduces herself to the newly-created fifth-year student right away and strikes up a conversation with them. Through the process of befriending Natsai, the player will gain access to special objectives that they can complete alongside their new companion. Natsai is uninterested in the competition between the different Hogwarts houses and will always be willing to provide a helping hand to the player. She is a reliable ally who can go to class with them or go to Hogsmeade with them.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner

Not only does Natsai have a generous heart, but the fact that she strives for justice for all also contributes to the fact that she is one of the most valuable companions in the Hogwarts Legacy series. Natsai was educated in the African wizarding school of Uagadou, which is unique in that it does not require its students to use wands. After her mother was hired as a Divination Professor at Hogwarts, the two of them made the journey to the magical school together.

Professor Fig

Eleazar Fig, the Professor of Transfiguration, will be one of the more enlightened and approachable figures that players will see throughout their time at Hogwarts. Although Professor Fig is an expert in Magical Theory, the player is more familiar with him in his role as a mentor. Professor Fig instructed the player on the fundamentals of spellcasting and gave them an introduction to the magical realm they were about to enter before they started their fifth year at Hogwarts. Fig and the pupil in their fifth year have a wonderful rapport that is reminiscent in some ways of that of Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner

As players progress through the Hogwarts Legacy main quest, they will learn that Fig is there to assist them in solving a mystery that they have been working on. Since Professor Fig possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise, as well as a deep personal investment in the outcome of this adventure, he is the most qualified guide and sharp thinker that you could possibly invite along on your journey.

Poppy Sweeting

Poppy Sweeting is one of the kids with a good heart who the player will have the opportunity to get to know when they are attending Hogwarts. Poppy is a member of the Hufflepuff house, and she strikes up a close friendship with the player at their initial meeting in Professor Howin’s first beast lesson. Poppy facilitates the player’s interaction with beasts, and Gerald, with the assistance of her Puffskein, instructs the player on how to care for monsters by feeding and grooming them so that they become more loving and trustworthy.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner

Poppy despises those who are cruel to animals as well as those who engage in poaching, and she intends to devote both her time and her passion to putting an end to all forms of animal cruelty. During the course of her mission, the player will lend Poppy a helping hand and eventually grow close to her. Players will have the opportunity to engage with some classic and breathtaking beats in Hogwarts Legacy while completing some of the amazing tasks that are available through Poppy’s romance questline.

Amit Thakkar

Amit Thakkar, a talented student with a passion for astronomy and learning, will be the Ravenclaw buddy that the players will meet. Amit Thakkar will immediately present himself to the player as a pleasant face, and he will even give the player his telescope without charging them for it or asking for a favour in exchange for it. Her Ravenclaw partner in Hogwarts Legacy is an excellent friend, although she is not the most capable of the fighters.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Rating for Each and Every Partner

Even though Amit Thakkar has lofty goals and a brilliant mind, he is the kind of buddy who would benefit more from listening to tales of the exciting experiences of the incoming fifth-year student than from participating in those adventures himself. Amit favours the education and enchantment that can be found within Hogwarts and would rather steer clear of places that have cobwebs, which may be an indication of the presence of spiders, or anything else that may portend even the tiniest possibility of difficulty.