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Golf: The Secret to a Good Wedge


Much of golf is played in the mind. Picking the optimal strategy can be the difference between a bogey and a birdie. Your use of the wedge – in particular – is crucial. Indeed, Tiger Woods’ success with the wedge highlights that it can be a supremely effective tool in your arsenal. Below, we explore the secret to using your wedge impactfully.

Different types of wedges

To start with, you’ll need to know about the different types of golf wedges you’ll need to add to your set of clubs. Generally, a golf wedge has a short iron shaft with a high loft – but there are different types within this category. The pitching wedge is commonly used by most players; as is the sand wedge, for when you, unfortunately, find yourself in the sand. But there’s also the approach wedge and the lob wedge, which are both used in more specific scenarios.

Loft and bounce

When you’re selecting which wedge to use, it’s important to consider loft and bounce. The higher the loft, the higher the ball will go with added spin. However, a wedge with a lower loft will send the ball further. Bounce is important too. Bounce refers to the part of the clubhead that comes into contact with the ground. A greater degree of wedge bounce will result in a higher leading edge off of the surface. Whenever you use the wedge, you should consider loft and bounce: how far do you want to hit the ball and how far do you want it to bounce after landing? By considering these factors, you can plan your shots with greater precision.

How far should you hit them?

Once you’ve considered the loft and bounce, you should be ready to judge how far to hit your wedge. One factor in this decision is your own ability. If you’re able to consistently make a clean, powerful contact then you might not have to hit it as far. However, if you struggle to make a clean contact regularly, you might need to compensate by hitting it further.

Can I use a sand wedge on the green?

Naturally, sand wedges were designed to be used in the sand rather than the green. However, there are no strict rules on where you can use this wedge. If you judge that the sand wedge could help you in a specific scenario on the green, it could be worth testing it out.

Strong wedge play can make all the difference when you’re playing golf. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to lower your handicap by thriving with your wedges.