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How Google Tracks Your Location Without Your Permission


Here is how google tracks location and what you should do about it. Most of us believe that turning off location history on Google prevents from tracking us, but it is going to be as much of a shock for you as it was for us that this is not the case in reality. This merely restricts Google from adding the details of your location on its timeline. What it keeps doing is that it keeps an eye out for where you are as soon as you open Google Maps for looking up a location or any other queries. Google tracks your location instantly by taking a snapshot to preserve the record for reference in future, the location saved is very accurate when it comes to longitude and latitude for the sake of precision.

Why Does Google Tracks Your Location?

Location history on Google is an effective means by which Google team gets to track its users. This tracking is justified by the fact that the history enables Google to serve its users better by keeping a record of their whereabouts to bring them news and research options most suited for an area. That is why Google does not allow you to bar the company from following your location. The Police Department and other law enforcement authorities also need location history for tracking criminals too for which they rely on Google.

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