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Gran Turismo 7 PS5, PS4 Patch Restores Servers After 24 Hours, Polyphony Digital Comments on Micro transactions


The servers for Gran Turismo 7 have been restored following a downtime of more than twenty-four hours, which was unexpected and unusual. All of yesterday’s gaming was rendered useless since the PlayStation 5 and PS4 exclusive relied on an Internet connection to store your progress. The 354.5MB update that takes the release back online has now been released.

Polyphony Digital has released the patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue wherein the lineup of cars would not appear in the Used Cars and Legend Cars dealerships
  • Fixed an issue wherein in some cases the game would not progress to the World Map, making it impossible to play

There’s also been a statement from series author Kazunori Yamauchi on this outage: “We noticed a problem just before the release of the 1.07 update, which was affecting product versions for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4,” he said. This was an unusual problem that had not been detected during pre-release testing on development hardware or QA sessions, but we decided to pause the distribution of the 1.07 update and produce a 1.08 corrective update to prioritize the safety of users’ save data. Because of this, there has been a hiccup in the delivery process. The late report is my deepest apologies to everyone.”

However, we believe that communication should have been more effective during the game’s 24-hour downtime. Fan concerns about GTA 7’s micro transactions are not limited to the game’s price, though, since the 1.07 update altered in-game money incentives as well.

“In Gran Turismo 7 I would like to have consumers experience a large number of vehicles and races even without micro transactions,” Yamauchi said in an interview. It’s also crucial that automobile pricing be related to real-world values, because it reflects the car’s worth and uniqueness, thus I think it’s necessary. This year’s Gran Turismo 7 will have a wide range of vehicles and gameplay options, and I’d want to prevent situations where players are forced to relive the same sequences over and over again.

That’s why we’re going to keep you updated on our plans for new content updates, new race events, and new features that will help us address this.” At this point, I’m unable to go into specifics about this, but we want to keep improving Gran Turismo 7 so that as many people as possible may enjoy it. As the development of Gran Turismo 7 continues, it would be very appreciated if everyone could keep an eye on it over the long term.

Honestly, it’s a bad statement, and it’s a sad to see a well-received movie fall into these obvious pitfalls just two weeks after its debut. No matter how good Gran Turismo 7 is as a racing game, it is insane to claim that it conveys the worth and rarity of actual automobiles by changing the in-game economy in a way that mimics the real world.