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Have A Nice Death – Four Best Curses


Have a Nice Death is a conventional roguelike, with players expected to complete it in a single run. Doing so requires a lot of luck, and there aren’t many methods to improve the hero, Death, as there are in traditional RPGs. Mounds of paperwork later, the bitter taste of burnout swishes in your metaphorical mouth, and you decide to take a quick journey back to Earth, discipline your rampant inferiors, and earn yourself a little vacation. This article will describe some of the best curses for having a good death:

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Cloak Of The Gods

You’ve got it, so make it into a weapon. Some curses, like your Scythe, will buff your cloak, causing it to deliver damage alongside your Scythe or weapon of choice. Cloak of Intensity is extremely useful in this situation, adding 25 damage points to your stately shroud. Cloak Of The Gods, on the other hand, is easy to obtain but only increases your damage by 5 percent.

Cloak of the Demiurge and Avatar Cloak will increase your damage by ten and fifteen points, respectively. Some curses also grant you Cloakswish, a stealth attack that fires projectiles at your opponents. These could include axes (And My Axe), butterflies (Cutterflies In My Stomach), or bombs (Praise Be The Bombcloak).

Treason To Live

Backstab is a must-have weapon in this game for destroying any enemy or boss. This skill is associated with certain weapons and spells, such as the Dirty Dagger. On the other hand, Treason to Live outperforms the Dirty Dagger by giving Death a 100% chance to backstab adversaries.

A Backstab, as the name implies, deals critical damage to any enemy with their back turned. If this Curse is obtained, Backstab will be applied to all attacks. It’s an uncommon find, therefore gamers should take it whenever it appears in Mr. O’Shah’s inventory.

Lil Sorcerer

Lil Sorcerer will cut the cost of spells by ten percent. There are better variations of this, but this is the starting point. Players are more inclined to play Have a Nice Death as an action platformer. There are numerous melee weapons in the game that will spring up.

Spells are not uncommon, but they demand an additional barrier of Mana. With a bit of luck, players might enter a run and try to transform into a wizard-like warrior who focuses on spell casting. Obtaining this cost decrease is one important Curse that can help.


Nobody likes to die in a video game, especially in a roguelike. This is because in a game like Have a Nice Death, players will forever lose their progress. Daredevil is a Curse that prevents Death from dying, which sounds funny when written.

This Curse allows players to survive one lethal blow per run. They will be restored with one HP, and the window of invincibility is limited. Even after acquiring this Curse, players must remain vigilant.


How do curses work in Have a Nice Death?

Curses are the additional cards you get from O’Shah. There are three different types of curses: red, blue, and green. Each sort of curse has its own growth tree, with penalties assigned at random locations. You can also use a Curse-Reroll to reroll ONE of the Curses if the ones you’ve been given aren’t particularly good.

What does prismium do have a nice death?

Instead of expending Soulary, you can utilize a Prismium to improve or convert your weapons and spells in the Control Room. You can also spend a Prismium with Monneko in the Shop to upgrade it and obtain more and higher-quality merchandise.

How do you get permanent upgrades in Have A Nice Death?

Prisms are valuable since they can be used to permanently enhance weaponry, shop items, or gamble in the break room. Always select a floor with a Prism icon because you cannot afford to miss it.

Is Have A Nice Death difficult?

Rougelites are nearly always difficult, and Have A Nice Death is no exception; nonetheless, the game does not lack mercy. Enabling the “Self-Fulfillment” difficulty option transforms the game into a much more forgiving, relaxed journey through the afterlife’s bureaucracy.

Does Have a Nice Death have multiplayer?

When a controller is plugged in, a local instance of the player prefab is created and the screen is split in two, with Player 1 on the left and Player 2 on the right.