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A Guide on Enshrouded Hunter Vault Buttons


Enshrouded Hunter Vault Buttons

Welcome to here we will share tips and tricks about enshrouded hunter vault buttons. You will be walked through the intricacies of the hunter vault buttons, the locations, and the treasures that await you.

The Vault Buttons:

  1. Pillar Button:
    • Location: Right side of the lava stairs.

For Activation You need to Shoot with arrow or any other ranged weapon.

  1. Inner Room Button:
    • Location: Revealed after Pillar activation and you can find it on the far wall.

To Activate this Press the button in the newly accessible room.

  1. High Ledge Button:
    • Location: Above the main door in the lava room.
    • Activation: Use a running jump, glider, grapple – reach the button.

Unlocking the Door:

Press all three buttons – the main vault door will open. Now set off to collect treasures, including the elusive Hunter NPC.

Additional Tips:

  1. Watch for Traps:
    • Beware of hidden traps and hazards while searching for buttons.
  2. Utilize Movement Abilities:
    • Grappling hooks and gliders are your friends; use them wisely to reach tricky buttons.
  3. Guide Consultation:
    • For a visual aid, consider checking online guides or walkthroughs.

Enshrouded Hunter Vault Location:

The large building, partially submerged in the Shroud and located northeast of Longkeep, across the canyon, is the Hunter Vault. You can see its ruins.

Entrance and Puzzles:

  1. Locked Door:
    • The entrance is sealed; unlock it by activating three pressure plates.
  2. First Pressure Plate:
    • Located on the right pillar near the stairs to the lava room. Shoot with an arrow or ranged weapon.
  3. Second Pressure Plate:
    • Unveiled after the first plate’s activation, find it on the far wall inside the room.
  4. Tricky Third Plate:
    • Above the main door in the lava room, reach it using a brazier, running jump, glider, and grapple.


The main vault door opens when all pressure plates are unlocked. Inside, you’ll find the Hunter NPC, who offers valuable crafting materials and services. Additionally, you can discover weapons, armor, and crafting materials.

Community Tips:

  1. Copper Farming:
    • A copper node next to the repair device near the kiln for the smelter provides endless copper, without durability concerns.
  2. Flintstone Deposit:
    • In your starting area, find a flintstone deposit by investigating the wolves’ den. Towers are effective for farming potions, water, and metal sheets.
  3. Terrain Building Glitch:
    • Duplicate materials using the terrain building feature for an efficient resource boost.

Ancient Vault Hunter Enshrouded Chest

In the Veiled Lands deep within ancient Vault Hunter tombs, cunning and powerful guards protect a mysterious chest. Dark metal chest, with its ominous appearance that seems to devour light, holds promise of untold riches: echo-forged weapons, stardust armor, and pulsating artifacts of forbidden magic.

The legend confirms as a treasure appears inside, marking the beginning of a new journey guided by the voices of the past. A brave Vault Hunter’s legend now echoes from the once silent chest as it awaits the next worthy soul to unlock its ancient secrets.


So, now you know the secret to enshrouded hunter vault buttons and if you still need anything let us know. We will be happy to help you on enshrouded game.