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Have A Nice Death – How to Heal


The ability to heal is one of the most crucial game mechanics in Have a Nice Death since it will help you survive for a very long time. Have a Nice Death’s damage and healing systems are challenging since they operate differently from most other games. Different healing modalities exist, with certain types being more successful than others. You will learn how to heal and have a pleasant dying from this article:

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How to Heal

Using an Anima is the main way to heal in Have a Nice Death. Either a gold orb (known as Golden Anima) or a light blue orb will manifest as Anima. Blue Anima can heal any gray area of the health bar. Ordinary Anima is unable to restore any missing portion of the health bar. Golden Anima’s Pure Heal will be needed for this.

An effect known as a Pure Heal can repair injuries, bring back the greatest amount of lost health, and restore overall health. There are sporadic opportunities to find and acquire Golden Anima when investigating Departments in Death Incorporated.

Have A Nice Death - How to Heal

In addition, by obtaining a sufficient amount of ordinary Anima, players of Have a Nice Death can also obtain Golden Anima. Any more normal Anima that is picked up will merge when the regular Anima slot is full, converting it to Golden Anima.

Healing Mechanics

In the game Have a Nice Death, you assume the role of Death and must defeat the Sorrows in various departments to advance. You will likely take some damage from the foes when you battle them and the Sorrow Bosses. There are two kinds of damage that adversaries can deal. Either an injury or a lasting loss of health will befall you.

In your health bar, an injury is represented by the color gray and a permanent loss is represented by the color black. You can now use certain healing goods to regenerate the Gray Part of your health bar, however the Black Part of your health bar cannot be healed by these things. You will need an object that can perform Pure Healing for the Black Part.

Blue and Yellow Anima

In Have a Nice Death, healing items come in two varieties. These objects are called Anima, and there are two varieties: Yellow Anima and Blue Anima. The standard kind of anime that will help you heal your character’s wounds is called Blue anime. In other words, all of the Gray Part in your Health Bar will regenerate when you use the Blue Anima. The blue Anima will appear in the Anima slots above your health bar once you have acquired it. To eat the Blue Anima, press the PC’s E button.

Have A Nice Death - How to Heal

The only ways to get the stronger Yellow Anima are either defeating the adversaries or discovering the biomes’ secret locations. The Yellow Anima can replenish the Black Part of your Health Bar. It works incredibly well right before you take on a big boss in the game. It would be quite beneficial to keep a Yellow Anima in one of the slots as it will fully replenish your health and increase your chances of surviving the run.

Other Ways for Healing

There are more ways to regain health besides Anima. Players may find mugs of coffee at random. This item will not repair any injuries, but it will restore some health. Players will eventually be able to access the Relaxation Room, a floor that occasionally spawns as they level up during runs.

Have A Nice Death - How to Heal

There is a free coffee machine for gamers to use in this room. It can be used once. This will fully cure any wounds and maximize your return to health. However, because this is a roguelike game, players cannot always rely on this option because it is random. Furthermore, Blue Curses have the ability to grant players a brief Pure Heal overtime that lasts the duration of the run.


Is Have a nice death worth it?

This game is a real jewel, skillfully fusing stunning graphics with captivating fighting mechanics. Plenty of humor, enjoyable gameplay, amazing visual direction, and a challenge that will keep you occupied for several days. Fantastic game! Fights are rather difficult, yet controls are very simple to learn.

What are the best abilities in Have a Nice Death?

Backstab is one of the finest status-inflicting skills in Have a Nice Death that players may obtain. Treason to Live, one of the greatest Curses in the game, applies Backstab to all attacks 100% of the time. Treason to Live is a better Cloak weapon than Dirty Dagger.

What is the control room in Have a Nice Death?

Together with Orville, who serves as his tutor, Jacob is in charge of it. For the duration of the run, the player can speak with Jacob or Orville to enhance their weaponry with Soulary or Prismium, giving scythes, weapons, and spells increased damage and effects.

How do curses work in Have a Nice Death?

O’Shah gives you additional cards called curses. Curses come in three varieties: red, blue, and green. Every kind of curse has a unique growth tree with randomly assigned penalties. If the Curses you’ve been given aren’t so good, you can also utilize a Curse-Reroll.

How many worlds have a nice death?

Eight randomly generated landscapes, more than 70 weaponry, and a varied cast of individuals to interact with are all included in the full version of Have A Nice Death.