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Wild Hearts – How to Get Pointed Scales


Parts from the enormous Kemono you hunt are needed to upgrade your Wild Hearts weapons and build new armor, coupled with materials from each area you visit, such as ores or little Kemono parts. To be more precise, you can use Pointed Scale and a few other materials at the Blacksmith to construct Intoxicating Birch weapons after finishing Wild Hearts’ first chapter. You will learn how to obtain pointed scale in wild hearts from this article:

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Why You’ll Need Pointed Scales?

In the first chapter of “Azuma, Land of the East,” once you defeat your first Sapscourge in Harugasami Way, you’ll be able to upgrade an Edgestone weapon into an Intoxicating Birch weapon. The different Sapscourge pieces will be available to you, but it will take some time for you to obtain the necessary Pointed Scales.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pointed Scales

Once you get at Natsukodachi Isle (The Spirit Isle) in the second part of chapter one, you will be able to craft the armor set with a beach theme, Ocean Wave. It will require some crustaceous moss, but you won’t need gigantic Kemono components for it.

Pointed Scale Locations

It’s just a matter of finding them now that you know that Nightshade and Shardshower monitors drop Pointed Scales. Thankfully, the map may be used to locate small Kemono, like monitors. After exploring a region, use the D-Pad or the arrows in the bottom-left corner to open your map and change to Small Kemono.

Explore the details of each Small Kemono by hovering over its dot. You may find out where Monitors typically gather in any area by using this strategy. To obtain Pointed Scales in Akikure Canyon, you must go to the following locations:

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pointed Scales

If you’ve advanced through Wild Hearts far enough to reach these areas, monitors are simple targets, so you should have no problem collecting their Pointed Scales to apply toward weapon upgrades.

How to Get Pointed Scales

There are just two locations where you can find Pointed Scales in Wild Hearts: Fuyufusagi Fort and Akikure Canyon. In Chapter 2, both of these areas unlock: Fuyufusagi Fort becomes accessible later in the chapter, while Akikure Canyon unlocks at the start of the chapter.

You have to take out Nightshade or Shardshower monitors in order to get Pointed Scales. While Shardshowers are indigenous to Fuyufusagi Fort, Nightshades are found in Akikure Canyon. Like with any other little Kemono in Wild Hearts, you can interact with each creature’s corpse to harvest components from them.

Wild Hearts - How to Get Pointed Scales

Here’s a helpful list of main story quests you must finish before reaching Chapter 2, in case you’re wondering how far you still have to go:

  1. Defeat the Kingtusk.
  2. Defeat the Spineglider.
  3. Defeat the Lavaback.
  4. Defeat the Gritdog.
  5. Defeat the Earthshaker (unlocks Akikure Canyon).
  6. Defeat the Sporetail.
  7. Defeat the Dreadclaw.
  8. Defeat the Fumebeak (unlocks Fuyufusagi Fort).


How do you get a large scale in Wild Hearts?

Killing little Kemono, such the Sparkshower Monitor and the Springwatch Monitor, yields large scales.

Where is the sharp scale in Wild Hearts?

Sharp Scales are found on the carcasses of Small Kemono in the wild, which drop goods similar to those that are dropped when players defeat bosses like Ragetail in Wild Hearts.

What is the most difficult weapon in Wild Hearts?

Because it can overheat and has a limited amount of ammunition, the Cannon is the most technically difficult weapon in Wild Hearts. As a result, you must strike a balance between dealing a lot of damage, replenishing ammunition, and taking quick rests to let it cool down. Setting down a Ki Base is necessary to get ammunition back.

What is the easiest weapon in Wild Hearts?

The Karakuri Katana is the first weapon you encounter in Wild Hearts for a reason. It’s a fantastic all-arounder with good damage, range, and repositioning ability that’s simple to learn and master.

What is the best starting gear in Wild Hearts?

The improved Young Samurai armor set is the greatest armor in Wild Hearts to utilize early in the game. After defeating Kingtusk, you can build the Young Samurai armor set, but you must first get to Minato in order to enhance it. All you have to do is enter the Armor Crafting area of the Forge to enhance your armor.