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Health Benefits of Dating Online


Everybody talks about the health benefits of being outside, but staying home isn’t necessarily bad for health. Sometimes staying home can help with staying healthy, especially while seeking dates. It may sound ridiculous at first, but all those nights in bars aren’t doing your body a favor. That’s why more and more people switch from seeking dates in the real world to finding them online. Check out 5 health benefits of online dating and 5 types of women using online dating sites.

Meeting People Without Leaving Home

The quarantine showed us that leaving home can be dangerous even when it doesn’t seem like that. Getting into crowds outside helps spread all kinds of diseases, not just COVID-19 for some people that may seem like a minor problem. But for those with existing health issues, that’s a serious threat. They, and 100% healthy people alike, use online dating to get dates without putting themselves at the risk of getting anything. Thousands of local men seeking women realized finding ladies nowadays is much simpler online than offline anyway. Matchmaking filters let men mark all the desired traits, so the site shows them only their best matches. Instead of browsing for hours, they spend that time chatting with ladies they hand-pick.

Less Alcohol and Fast Food

Most singles worldwide who still seek dates offline do it in bars, pubs, clubs, etc. Going out with friends and scanning local singles used to be a decent strategy. It’s still a way to get lucky, but it doesn’t help their health. Drinking alcohol to relax and talk to women and then eating fast food before going home alone is harmful to the body and mind.


By staying home and seeking women on dating sites, men help their bodies to stay healthy. Also, their self-esteem doesn’t suffer because there are always new women online. Less important but still worth mentioning skipping all those drinks saves money as well.

More Sleep

Clubbing isn’t a morning activity, but it often lasts until the morning. Having fun is ok, we all need to relax sometimes. Meeting single women in clubs isn’t that difficult after 2 a.m. and a couple of drinks. But the problem hides in the lack of sleep. Our bodies regenerate while sleeping, so a constant lack of sleep can cause serious problems.

More Time for Relaxation

Thanks to the efficiency of modern online dating services, men can meet women quickly. That leaves more time to hang out with friends and have fun. In the end, it leaves more time for dates instead of trying to meet girls. Online dating can lead to finally getting the best PS4 setup because men don’t have to worry about meeting ladies anymore.

Less Stress and Negative Emotions

Everybody knows how dangerous stress is, yet we all put ourselves in stressful situations, even when the alternative exists. Instead of standing in the corner of some bar comparing themselves to other people, men who use dating sites enjoy chatting with girls. Online dating isn’t protected from causing negative emotions. But men seeking dates online don’t add more stress to their lives by looking at the competition and women in person.

5 Types of Women You’ll Meet Online

Online dating provides health benefits to its users, but those users want different things. Luckily, there are numerous online dating niches. Still, it’s important to know some types of women lurking on dating sites.

The Homemaker

You won’t find the Homemaker on hookup sites. She has profiles on sites for love seeking and serious dating. Her goal – to meet a man who’ll treat her well and let her be a housewife.

The Rebound Woman

Women need men to forget about their previous relationships, so they join online dating sites. The Rebound Woman has a profile on casual dating sites because she doesn’t want to find love. Her goal – meeting men for occasional hookups.

The Gold Digger

One of the worst types of women, unless someone is looking specifically for them). The Gold Digger doesn’t choose. She has profiles on all the sites with possibly rich men. Her goal – money! 

The One Night Stand Seeker

This type of woman is the blessing many men pray for. She has profiles on hookup sites and makes it obvious she doesn’t want anything more than passionate action until dawn. Her goal – getting laid.

The Cougar

The Cougar is a specific type of woman because they can be all the above. However, they usually seek casual dates with much younger men. The Cougar has a profile on a local hookup site to find hunks quickly. Her goal – to show the world she’s still a hot goddess.