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Helldivers 2 – How to Change Ship Name


A space frigate’s worth of customization choices are available in Helldivers 2. As players set out on audacious missions to defend Super Earth against alien invaders, this sequel builds on the popularity of its predecessor by putting an exciting cooperative gaming experience front and centre. One of your first actions in Helldivers 2 will be to name your democracy-dealing Destroyer. The following guide will walk you through changing the ship name in Helldivers 2:

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What is Your Ship Name in Helldivers 2?

Players of the new game Helldivers 2 are reminded of the classic Starship Troopers series. Playing the game is entertaining and highly engaging. However, there are currently a lot of technical problems with it. One of the tasks the players must complete is naming their spacecraft. However, there are some positives amid the alien combat and technical problems.

Helldivers 2 - How to Change Ship Name

You can change the name of your ship at any moment; there is no set rule regarding it. Renaming your ship is an easy way for players to personalize their gameplay experience. Do not be alarmed, daring space travellers. Now that you have customized your spacecraft, you can explore the vast Helldivers 2 universe and go on new adventures.

How to Change Ship Name

First, open a Ship Management console in the hangar area to give your Helldivers 2 ship a new name. Next, to access the full list of name alternatives and select a completely different name, click the “Change Ship Name” button on the screen’s right side (Square on PlayStation).

You are limited to a “X Of Y” name for your ship by the two lists of words. Therefore, you cannot give it a unique name. When satisfied, edit your ship instantaneously by clicking “Apply Name” (X on the PlayStation). It’s simple to fix if you’ve made the grave mistake of naming your ship incorrectly. To the left of the armory, utilize the Ship Management computer.

Helldivers 2 - How to Change Ship Name

You can modify the name of your ship under the Destroyer tab by pressing Square (X on an Xbox controller). You can change your name as frequently as you desire; it’s easy. Return often as you can purchase new Ship Modules and Stratagems here, even if the majority are level-locked.


Is Helldivers 2 offline?

In order to play Helldivers 2, you must maintain a connection to the game’s server, which requires an active internet connection. When playing alone, this likewise holds true.

How many players is Helldivers 2?

That didn’t really work well for the game, but I was able to customize my helldiver without any problems after a fast relaunch. Some users have reported crashes on the PS5 and PC in the middle of missions. Right now, the matchmaking process is the biggest problem. A challenging four-player cooperative shooter, Helldivers 2 is just that.

Is Helldivers 2 single player?

Although playing together with friends is Helldivers 2’s main attraction, you can also play alone.

How do you join people in Helldivers?

Simply choose Join/Invite by doing a right-click on their symbol. It goes without saying that in order for the game to function, they must own it and that the party leader—the one who sends out the invitations—must have the game open. If the game isn’t currently running, accepting an invitation or joining an ongoing game will cause it to start automatically.

What is the best laser gun in Helldivers?

As the AC-22 Dum-Dum is to the AR-19 Liberator, so the LAS-98 is to the LAS-5 Scythe what the slowest turning speed while pointing and firing is to all continuous laser weapons. It also offers far more damage.