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Palworld – How to Change Player Name


Before entering the odd islands of Palworld, players must complete creating their characters. You can add a personal touch to your Palworld adventure by changing your player name and Pal names. You can add a personal touch to your Palworld adventure by changing your player name and Pal names. You may learn how to modify your player name in Palworld by reading this article:

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How to Change Player Name

Palworld - How to Change Player Name

Palworld’s player name may only be changed through the character creation process at the start of the game on the Steam version. When you launch a new Palworld, you will be asked to provide a name. You can modify it at any time by choosing ‘Edit’ when you’re creating your character.

Make sure you like your player name because you won’t be able to change it once you exit the character creation! It should be noted that once you leave the original character maker, there is currently no way to change your character.

Palworld - How to Change Player Name

However, a note in the character as mentioned earlier creator states that a “character re-edit feature is planned for a future update,” so perhaps changing your name will be part of that. As of this writing, the Xbox version of Palworld does not allow you to edit or give your character a name.

Can You Change Your Pal Names?

Thankfully, in Palworld, you can rename Pals, despite what your character name may say. Go to Party Menu and input the Pal you want to rename to accomplish this. Next to its default name, you ought to see an editable choice. Sadly, users using Xbox Game Pass to play Palworld can now not access this additional function.

Palworld - How to Change Player Name

Right now, when you create a new file in Palworld using Xbox Game Pass, you only appear to be allowed to name your World. All of your pals’ names are trapped with their species names until the Xbox Game Pass version is updated, and your character’s name is stuck with “Player”, followed by a string of random digits.

The game’s Xbox Game Pass version appears to be an earlier build; the developers will need some time to update and bring everything up to date. Of course, fans may have to wait a bit longer because Palworld is so well-liked, and the poor creators probably have a lot on their plates.


Does Palworld have character creation?

The trailers feature the default player character. When you initially enter into a world, you can create your own distinct persona by selecting from a variety of haircuts, facial shapes, skin tones, and eye colors. You can also modify body form and voice settings using sliders.

How many people can play Palworld?

Palworld can be played online with up to 32 players on a single server or alone.

Do pals evolve in Palworld?

Palworld uses a method of creating fusion Pals in place of evolution. This is basically the same Pal, but either their original Type gets replaced, or they acquire a new one. Jolthog, who was initially an Electric Type but is now an Ice Type, is an illustration of the latter.

Will Palworld have Shinies?

Although they are categorized as one of various Palworld varieties, yes, there are shinies on Palworld. The Lucky Pals are the equivalent of shinies in Palworld; they can be identified by their shimmering appearance and the shimmering sound they make when they are near you.

What is the best pal in Palworld?

When Mossanda is mounted, she can quickly discharge a grenade launcher at opponents, dealing heavy damage. Mossanda can perform a variety of tasks around the base, including planting, lumbering, handiwork, and transporting, because of its broad range of work suitability.