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Here is how to know the right height for your dining chair


Are you purchasing a new dining room table and needing chairs to match? Even if you adore your table, you may be ready for new chairs. There is a vast selection of dining chairs, and choosing the appropriate one may transform the atmosphere of a room. If aesthetics are not your only concern, your dining room chairs should match the size and shape of your table.Need to obtain

new kitchen and dining chairs for the table? Examine their height to ensure that it is adequate. The height of dining chairs can be established by following these guidelines.


Ensure that the width of the chair fits the length of the table. Before purchasing chairs, check that the table legs are the correct size. It is unacceptable for the chair seat to be lower than the tabletop (sometimes it can be smaller than the height of the table by even several dozen centimetres). Remember that eating while cramped in a bit of a chair is never enjoyable. 30 cm is the minimal space between the table’s legs and a pair of chairs. Each needs at least 60 cm of room at the table.

Seating Level on Table

Ensure that the dining chair and tabletop heights function before purchasing. The appropriate chair height is 45 cm, and the tabletop should be 30 cm away. The standard measurements of a dining table and chair seat height will guide your choices. Under the table, the armrests’ pliability should be examined for movement (the table sometimes has reinforcements in the form of a horizontal beam, which may make it impossible).


The backrest of a chair must not be raised excessively. Choosing an appropriate seat for the dinner table. The presence of a table and centres like these gives the area an impression of seriousness. Ideally, the backs of the chairs would rise no less than 20 cm above the table’s surface.


The seat base should be 40 to 49 centimetres from the ground for maximum comfort. Legs dangle at anything taller. The need for stools is present. If your chairs have a seat depth of fewer than 40 centimetres, guests’ legs will be forced to dangle.

Storage and aesthetics

As crucial as height is storage and aesthetic appeal. You can choose from various patterns and colours to suit your preferences. Nevertheless, the table and chairs must come as a set. Combine a table appropriate for a loft with chairs of an industrial design. Look for furniture items (wood, metal, etc.) with similar shapes and characteristics that suit the wall colours and decor.

Dimensions a Chair

The dinner table seats eight diners. The purpose of food and life is to be shared. With sufficient research and effort, it is possible to choose the ideal seat at the family table. RJ Living has a range of benches, chairs, and bar stools to help you design the dining area of your dreams. Peruse our inventory to gain inspiration for your kitchen and dining room.