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How to Limit Bandwidth Usage on Roku


Is it possible for other people in the house to continue accessing the internet even if you are viewing a video on your Roku? Are you approaching the bandwidth cap that has been set by your internet service provider, and do you want to reduce the amount of data that you use? To limit the amount of bandwidth that your Roku consumes, follow these steps:

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How to Limit Bandwidth Usage on Roku

If this is the case, you have most likely searched through the Roku’s settings for a bandwidth limit but have come up empty. However, there is a system-wide limit on the amount of bandwidth that may be used; it’s just a little bit concealed on the Roku. To set up your Roku, you will need to press a specific series of buttons on its remote in the appropriate order. You have to press the following:

  • The button labelled “Home” five times.
  • The button labelled “Rewind” three times.
  • And last but not least, press the Fast Forward button twice.

How to Limit Bandwidth Usage on Roku

If you press these buttons in the order that they are listed, you will be transported to the page titled “Bit Rate Override,” which is a hidden panel that enables you to establish bandwidth limits on your Roku.

How to Limit Bandwidth Usage on Roku

Take into consideration that by imposing a limit, you are capping the quality of the videos that may be streamed on your device. The maximum data transfer rate that can be supported by this platform is 3.5 megabits per second, which is supported by a number of video hosting websites. That is not in full high-definition, but it’s also not terrible. If your bit rate is significantly lower than 3.5 mbps, however, your films will most likely be presented in standard definition or below.

Obviously, this is why there is a cap on the amount of bandwidth that can be used. Your films won’t have the same high quality, but they will be much less likely to clog up your “tubes.” Even if you only use it at the end of the month when you are close to exceeding your bandwidth limit, this hidden screen can help you out if you decide that the trade-off is worthwhile.


My Roku has a very slow Internet connection. How can we repair it?

If you have a dual-band WiFi network, setting your Roku player to utilise the 5GHz wifi signal will cause it to access the internet at a considerably faster pace than it would if it were set to use the 2.4GHz wifi signal. If you are still having problems with the dependability of the internet, one thing you might try is connecting an ethernet connection. This is something that you could attempt.

Do devices from Roku interfere with the operation of other wireless networks?

There are some Roku devices that come equipped with interference mitigation measures, and these systems have the ability to interfere with the normal operation of other wireless networks. It is highly recommended that no wireless devices be positioned in close proximity to the antenna at any time.