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Here is How You can Find All 25 Parts in Greenville Roblox in the Easter Event


Follow this guide to find all your 25 parts in greenville roblox easter event. We will guide you through where are all the parts hidden.

Where to find all 25 parts in greenville?

So today I am going egg hunting or par hunting. I was asked to go ahead and find the parts for his car so that is exactly what I did in today’s post.

Here’s how to find all the parts. Keep in mind that these are all random locations on each server.

Just keep in mind that I am going to give you tips and tricks and some places where these parts can grow but I will always give you a tip.

This is the best alternative. How to get these parts because they can be spread across different servers in one place.

This is where you can get all these 25 parts in greenville.

For the first part, you would need to go inside DMV. This Part is Near To The buildings beside Best Buy.

The second part I got inside Burger Haus.

The third part I got inside Hunty’s Party Room 2.

 I found the fourth part on the sidelines of burger haus (Near Burger Haus/Credit Union Bank/Hunty’s) (Prop Building).
Another part I got from the Farm House (Left Barn Closes to the House).
 I got the sixth part from inside the DOT Building’s Garage.
 The seventh part I got Behind Visit24/7 (Motel) Front Desk.
Another part I found was in the cleaners room of the Building next to Burger Knight.
 I found the ninth part in the Trash bin behind Burger Knight.
I found the tenth part inside Of  Tires in the garage above the office.
 The eleventh part was found from Doggy Daycare across the OCSO Plaza.
Another part is found in the Plaza Trash bin (Near OCSO Station).
 The thirteenth part I got from the roof of the Truck Planet.
Another parts from Fox Mountain Community Bank.
 And the fifteenth part came from a Farm on Main Road (Near Fox Mountain Community Bank).
 Sixteenth one I got from Daycare Cafeteria.
Another part I found from The Municipal Service Center (Old FD) Offices.
 The eighteenth one is found New fire department Roof.
 A nineteenth part from the Post Office Boxing Area.
 Twenty Behind Twist.
 Another found from Super wich Deep Freezer.
 Another part is found in the Building Next To PlayGround (Cats Park).
 Twenty-third parts were found from Pond Dock (Cats Park).
 Another part I found in a cave under the ground (Near Next Stop/Lake).
 Twenty-fifth Vector & Scetro farm Barn Roof (Cats Park).