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Destiny 2

Destiny 2: All Hidden Messages Tape Locations


Hidden Messages

These chronicles give a tad of knowledge into Drifter’s experience and inspirations. The Hidden Messages part of the Destiny 2 Allegiance journey line requests that players track down a portion of Drifter’s tapes. Every one of the seven of these secret tapes are situated in the European Dead Zone on Earth, in either Patrol Zones or profound inside Lost Sectors. For those that favored the Vanguard, this mission step is known as The Survival Guide, and all the tapes are found in a similar area.

Fate 2 incorporates numerous collectible missions, and the Season of the Drifter is the same. As a component of the Allegiance mission, one phase called Hidden Messages will request that you discover seven secret Tapes the Drifter has left around the EDZ. There are no clues with respect to where they’re found, so it can demonstrate incredibly tedious to look for them all yourself. Luckily we definitely know every one of the seven Hidden Messages Tape areas, so on the off chance that you need to save yourself some time, basically follow the guide beneath.

Predetermination 2 ‘s new Allegiance Quest has players get sides together with the Drifter or Vanguard to acquire distinctive reliability bundles with shifted rewards. Notwithstanding the side you pick, in any case, both questlines in the long run include looking for the Drifter’s missing tapes. Utilize the guide pictures beneath to realize where to discover them.

In the event that you missed the hidden messages destiny 2 reward Drifter Allegiance journey back in the Joker’s Wild days, there’s still an ideal opportunity to promise your trust to the Gambit instigator. This is one of the more remarkable journey lines in Destiny 2 in that it for all time influences how a few NPCs communicate with you.

Hidden Messages or The Survival Guide, Drifter Tape locations

There are seven tapes for players to discover as a feature of the Hidden Messages or Survival Guide journey step. This mission step is essential for the all-encompassing Decision Point split, where players must pick whether to remain with the Drifter or with the Vanguard. The arrival of this mission is the first in a bunch of arranged coordinated occasions coming to Season of the Drifter. For those that side with the Vanguard, this progression will be known as The Survival Guide and for those that side with Drifter it is called Hidden Messages.

There are no waypoints guiding players to Drifter’s tapes Locations, so it will be hard to find them without direction. Nonetheless, when you are near a tape, your Ghost will make a clamor and a symbol will show up in the upper right corner. Hold out your Ghost and glance around, it will zero in on the readable article.

Hidden Message 1 – Trostland

The previously concealed message from Drifter is situated in the structure to one side of the Trostland quick travel point. Burden in utilizing the fast travel point and afterward go left to confront the nearest fabricating. Enter the structure, hop over the front counter and promptly turn right. A PC is perched on a work area in the dimness, it will be incredibly hard to see.

Hidden Message 2 – Scavenger’s Den

The following secret message is found in the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector in Outskirts. This Lost Sector is on the right-hand side of the zone, somewhere around the riverbed. Enter through the side of the precipice and follow the way into an open cavern. Close to an edge in the back left, and close to a crate canvassed. A purple covering, is a Fallen PC unit. Explore the unit to tune in to Drifter’s tape.

Hidden Message 3 – Sojourner’s Camp

Another secret message can be found in a tent in Sojourner’s Camp. A region to the furthest south of the EDZ. You should go through this territory to get to the Bergusia fashion. From the generate point in Trostland, follow the street out of the city to one side, proceeding with and over the bridge. Finish the street the passage until you go to an open clearing with some Fallen. There will be a tent on the right-hand side, examine. The PC close to it to tune in to Drifter’s account.

Hidden Message 4 – Winding Cove

This secret message is found on the hill next to the Winding Cove quick travel point. Burden in utilizing the quick travel choice and look on top of the stones. For a little box with a short reception apparatus.

Hidden Message 5 – Excavation Site XII

Another secret message is found inside the Excavation Site XII Lost Sector in Firebase Hades. Proceed into the manager room in the Lost Sector and sweep the enormous modern. PC that is close to the gigantic entryway at the back.

Hidden Message 6 – Flooded Chasm

The 6th concealed message from Drifter is in the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector, effectively open from The Gulch. Go into the Lost Sector, halting in the primary principle stay with the blue power field shields. Next to the Cabal drop unit is a Fallen PC with an immense radio wire. Output the Fallen PC to get this account.

Hidden Message 7 – Skydock IV

The last concealed message from the Drifter is in the Skydock IV Lost Sector in Sunken Isles. Go underneath the enormous Cabal transport and into the Lost Sector. Battle through to the manager room and take a gander at the large chamber in the room. Output the orange work station to hear Drifter’s tape.

Subsequent to examining and tuning in to each of the seven of Drifter’s tapes. The Hidden Messages or The Survival Guide mission step will be finished. All that is left to do now is live with the choice you’ve made in Destiny 2. For more intensive collectible aides and journey walkthroughs, look at the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete procedure direct.

How to start the Destiny 2 Drifter Allegiance quest

Hidden Messages

To begin the Drifter Allegiance mission, visit the Hidden Messages at his new home in the Tower. On the off chance that you haven’t just finished the early on missions for Gambit Prime – finish. An abundance, bet a bit in The Reckoning, and so forth – you’ll have to do those first. From that point onward, the Drifter will give both of you emblems inciting. You to “Remain with the Drifter” or “Remain with the Vanguard.” Naturally, you’ll need to choose the Drifter’s emblem for this, not the Vanguard’s.

When your decision is made, the Drifter will thank you for your showcase of faithfulness. Advise you to visit Spider, the Fallen dealer in the Tangled Shore. Bug will request that you pay an abnormal thing off him for an astounding. 50,000 Glimmer, so be certain your wallet is full before you visit him. You may likewise see that he’s selling a fake Gjallarhorn rocket launcher – if no one but we could get it.


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