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Acquire Weak Synthesizer in Destiny 2 – How to


If you don’t know how to get Weak Synthesizer or you have not heard its name before, don’t worry.With the new update “Season of the Drifter”, Destiny 2 has introduced many new features in the game like new weapons and activities. One of the new modes added in the game is The Reckoning. To play it, you’ll need Weak Synthesizer. This article will guide you, how you can get Weak Synthesizer and what is it used for in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.

For players who don’t know, to acquire a Weak Synthesizer you must first complete the User Testing quest. It is one of many things that is given at the start of “Season of the Drifter”. To begin your quest, look for the Drifter near Black Armor vendor. Finding the Drifter is not that difficult.

Where to find Weak Synthesizer:

After you found the Drifter, talk to him and acquire the User Testing quest. User Test quest will require you to complete a Prime Daily Bounty. These challenges are added later in the game and they can only be found in the new Gambit Prime mode. You don’t need to complete all of the quests, finishing one will do just fine. Although, you can try to complete the maximum number of challenges as each one gives you unique reward.

After completing the task, go back to The Drifter and he will reward you with a Weak Synthesizer. Now some of you might already know that Reckoning is the new version of gambit in the game now and Weak Synthesizer will help you to enter the Reckoning. Only Weak Synthesizer won’t do you any good. You’re going to need a type of synth to activate The Reckoning. Synths can be acquired through completing Gambit Prime challenges or playing The Reckoning mode.

Merge the synth with Weak Synthesizer to engineer a Weak Mote. Remember, mote will depend upon the type of synth you’ll be using. Another important thing to note that, designing a mote does not guarantee you gambit armor. After entering The Reckoning, you’ll have to complete a challenge. Failing to complete the task will cost you the mote. Completing the challenge will grant you a piece of Gambit armor.

We hope you got gist of getting Weak Synthesizer in the game. If you still have questions regarding this topic, do ask us in the comments below.

Complete User Testing and get a Weak Synthesizer

Client Testing is one of the principal new missions you’ll find yourself tasked with completing in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter. To start things off you should visit The Drifter. He’s moved locations, however, so head down the stairs towards where the Black Armory seller can be found. You’ll find The Drifter nearby.

After you talk to The Drifter, you’ll acquire the mission step, User Testing. To complete this mission, you should complete any Prime Daily Bounty. These are new daily bounties that must be completed inside of Gambit Prime, the new game mode. These change daily, so attempt to grab them all and simply jump in.

Weak Synthesizer

At the point when you have completed at least one of your Prime Daily Bounties, head back to The Tower and speak with The Drifter again. At this time, he’ll reward you with the Weak Synthesizer. This is a thing you should open in request to gain access to The Reckoning, another rendition of Gambit available in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.

How to Use  the Weak Synthesizer

When you have the Weak Synthesizer, it’s an ideal opportunity to complete the following stage of the cycle and start up the activity. You’ll have probably seen that the new Daily Prime Bounties reward you with new things called Synths. These include things like the Invader Synth, Collector Synth, Sentry Synth, and the Reaper Synth.

To activate the Weak Synthesizer you have to utilize one of the other Synth types in it. On the off chance that you have an Invader Synth from one of your bounties, then using it with the Weak Synthesizer will make it a Weak Invader Mote. You will then offer this as your wager for The Reckoning. In the event that you fail to complete the activity, you can pick the Mote back up from the same area you’d normally gather your rewards. However, on the off chance that you effectively complete it, you will be rewarded with another bit of Gambit armor.

How to upgrade to the Middling Synthesizer

On the off chance that you want to partake in higher levels of The Reckoning, then you’re going to need to upgrade your Weak Synthesizer to a Middling Synthesizer. Thankfully, pulling this task off isn’t all that troublesome.

To begin with, you have to visit The Drifter after you have acquired the Weak Synthesizer and taken part in your first match of The Reckoning. Whenever you have completed that first match, you’ll then have the alternative of purchasing additional bounties from The Drifter.

There is a total of four diverse Prime Weekly Bounties for players to partake. You can just hold each in turn however completing the Prime Weekly will grant you both a Synthesizer Upgrade, some Infamy Rank Points, and an upgrade to one of your Gambit Prime armor pieces. Because of the upgrade to your Gambit Prime armor, attempt to pick an abundance that fits the suit of armor you’re planning to zero in on using.

Presently all you have to do is bounce into Gambit Prime and complete your abundance. A portion of the bounties will also expect you to win matches in The Reckoning. Since we’re at present in the main seven day stretch of Gambit Prime, we don’t yet have a clue how these abundance necessities will change after some time. We’ll update this segment of our guide once we know more.

At the point when you’ve upgraded to the Middling Synthesizer, you’ll currently have the option to craft all the more remarkable Motes, which will allow you to call all the more impressive levels of The Reckoning.

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