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Remnant 2 – How to Get Relic Fragments


The remnant 2 relics have changed significantly. Compared to their equivalents in the original game, they are radically different. Players can personalize their characters with intriguing themes in the fast-paced role-playing game Remnant 2. The nameless survivor can wear a variety of potent relics, amulets, and rings, but the game has gone one step further and added Relic Fragments. You will learn how to obtain relic fragments in Remainder 2 by reading this article:

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What are Relics in Remant 2?

Relics are consumable, reusable objects that give you strong advantages in battle. Usually, your Relic will be placed in your first quickslot, which you can use on a PC by pressing the”1″ key. The Dragon Heart, which you will initially obtain, can be used to restore a significant portion of your HP.

It initially has a capacity of three charges, which are refilled each time you take a nap at a World Crystal. Every Relic will also have three spaces where you can place Fragments to increase their stats. But those will be covered in more detail later.

How to Find Relic Fragments

As with other crafting components in Remnant 2, the spawn position of Relic Fragments is not fixed. The locations and quantity of Relic fragments are randomly created by the game’s procedurally generated algorithm across the expansive in-game environments.

The best chance for players to obtain Relic Fragments is to buy them from a vendor by the name of Dwell. One of the traders in Ward 13 who focuses on exchanging and improving Relic Fragments is Dwell. Players can acquire any kind of Relic fragment (red, blue, or yellow) from Dwell for 15 pieces of Relic Dust.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Relic Fragments

In addition, players can find Relic Fragments via opening random chests, defeating world bosses, and eliminating Elite opponents. Players can still find hidden chests containing relic fragments or receive them as opponent drops, though this is not a given.

How to Change Relics

Every time you acquire a new Relic—which typically feature the term “Heart” in their name—the game will alert you. You will receive a fresh boon upon completing the primary tasks in most biomes. For instance, completing the Ner’ud questline earns you the Siphon Heart Relic.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Relic Fragments

You can select your current relic by going to your character profile screen and clicking on it once you’ve received a new one. A menu showcasing all of your accessible relics will appear. Simply select the one you want to outfit. You will still need to manually move your Relic Fragments over, though.

How to Use Relic Fragments

In Remnant 2, each Relic has three unique places for Relic Fragments. Relic fragments equipped into one of these slots give the Relic access to extra special effects. With the help of this neat function, you may customize everything you want. Gamers can select and add Relic fragments to their equipped Relic whenever they want. This enables individuals to modify their gameplay approach or style based on the circumstances.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Relic Fragments

Players can use Relic Fragments by following the instructions below.

  • Launch the Character Menu in-game.
  • Locate the Relic slot by navigating to the lower left corner of the screen.
  • To inspect the relic, click on it.
  • Choose one of the three Relic Fragment slots on the left of the screen that appears.
  • Choose a fresh segment from the shown list.

It is important for players to remember that each fragment can only be equipped once. Aside from that, players are allowed to customize based on their preferred build, as there are no restrictions on selecting a particular hue for each slot.


How do you get mythic runes in Remnant 2?

To become mythic, you must meet two requirements. At least 76 overall archetype level (verify in the advanced statistics). The difficulty of the apocalypse. They are available for purchase from Dwell, but they will also drop in Apocalypse.

How do you get more relic fragments in Remnant 2?

Players only need to locate another fragment of the same kind to advance a Relic Fragment to a higher tier. The pieces will automatically unite and advance to a higher rank if they find two of the same kind.

What is the max relic fragment in Remnant 2?

Relic Fragments are simple to use; just choose the Relic you want to use, and then insert three Relic Fragments. Even better, you can have different Relics with various fragments—almost like having different loadouts to choose from.

What is the best handgun in Remnant 2?

The new Corrupted Guns, the Anguish, Meridian, Rupture Cannon, Bolt Driver, Sureshot, Tech 22, MP60-R, Cube Gun, Sorrow, Double Barrel, and Enigma are the most popular and highly ranked Hand Guns in Remnant 2.

What’s the best heart in Remnant 2?

When it comes to Heal Speed, the Unsullied Heart is possibly the fastest Relic in Remnant 2. It can heal a player’s HP in less than a second, although its usefulness depends greatly on the circumstances. Additionally, it is concealed in a location that is unreachable without the necessary tools. This is how you obtain it.