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Honkai: Star Rail – Lynx Build


Lynx, the new 4-star unit from the Quantum element, is featured in the second part of the Honkai Star Rail 1.3 update. As the second playable healer in the game after Natasha, the youngest Landau sibling is poised to become a fan favorite. Her immense healing and purifying powers for her friends in combat are unleashed when she walks the Abundance Path. The Abundance Path has Lynx, a four-star Qauntum. Learn about the lynx construct in honkai star rail in this article.

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Best Relics for Lynx

If Lynx is going to heal enough throughout battle, she’ll need a good Relic set. The four-piece Passerby of Wandering Cloud set is her best bet because it boosts her Outgoing Healing by 10%. In addition, at the start of the combat, one Skill Point is created, which benefits the entire squad.

Honkai: Star Rail - Lynx Build

However, the two-piece Longevous Disciple combined with Passerby of Wandering Cloud can provide much more healing. As her maximum health improves with the former, so does her entire set of equipment.

For an additional 12% HP, use Fleet of the Ageless in place of Planar Ornament. When her SPD is at or above 120, her friends receive an additional 8% increase to their ATK.

Honkai: Star Rail - Lynx Build

Make sure to equip an energy Regeneration rope on her ornament to rapidly recharge her Ultimate, and prioritize HP on her Relic pieces to increase her scaling.

Best Light Cones for Lynx

Since it boosts Lynx’s HP by 18% and her Outgoing Healing by 12%, Time Waits for No One is perhaps the finest Light Cone she can equip in Honkai Star Rail. After an ally launches an attack, it keeps track of the healing done and uses 36% of that total to deal damage to all of the opponents the ally targeted. The supplemental damage is independent of any buffs.

Honkai: Star Rail - Lynx Build

Both Post-Op Conversation and Shared Feeling are available as the 4-star option. Both the outgoing healing and regenerated energy are provided by the Light Cone.

Lynx Best Team Compositions

Lynx is a versatile pick for any team, as her main function is to heal and remove debuffs from her allies. DPS characters with low HP will benefit greatly from her ability to momentarily enhance their Max HP. We’ve compiled a list of potential Lynx team members below.

Character Character Type & Benefits
Blade (Alternative: Dan Heng) Main DPS, Can provide powerful Wind AoE DMG and Taunt enemies.
Bronya (Alternative: Asta) Support, Can increase the team’s DMG, ATK, CRIT DMG, and DEF, and dispel debuffs.
Fu Xuan (Alternative: Fire Trailblazer) Support, Can play as a Tank and take enemy damage, and provide a Barrier for team members.

Best traces to prioritize for Lynx

If you want to maximize her healing potential, you should focus on increasing all of her traces except her Basic ATK. Lynx relies heavily on the following abilities, which are detailed below.

  • Skill:  Restores an ally’s health and boosts their Max Health. If a character follows the Path of Destruction or Preservation, they are more likely to be attacked.
  • Ultimate: Removes a debuff from friends and heals them for half of Lynx’s maximum health.
  • Talent: Both her Skill and Ultimate heal an ally over time, with additional HP restoration at the start of each turn. The effect heals at a rate proportional to her maximum health.


Is Lynx Star Rail good?

Her healing skills make her a valuable addition to any team, despite her low star rating. Lynx’s ultimate heals an area of effect in addition to healing individual targets. Her ultimate ability’s ability to remove all debuffs from all teammates further enhances her utility as a powerful healer.

What should I level first in Honkai star rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, the Trailblazer (Physical) skill should be prioritized when it comes to leveling up.

What is the pity rate in Honkai: Star Rail?

Every 10 pulls will yield a 4-star item, but the odds of drawing a 5-star item are only 0.6%. However, thanks to the pity system and the accumulation of soft pity, those odds increase to 100% between 75 and 90 pulls.

Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail?

When it comes to doing damage in Honkai Star Rail, Imbibitor Lunae is hard to beat. With the appropriate build, he can deal a lot of damage to foes quickly and easily. In addition to being a fantastic addition to any team, he costs nothing to use.