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How To Get To Rold Route in Elden Ring


The Elden Ring has garnered nearly unanimous appreciation from both players and reviewers of video games. And a significant portion of this acclaim is being focused on the game’s magnificent setting, which is referred to as the Lands Between. The Lands Between is jam-packed with amazing and fascinating destinations at every turn of the page. One of these is the Grand Lift of Rold, which may be accessed in Leyndell when the player has shown themselves victorious over Morgott, The Omen King. It is the gateway to the next major region of the game, which is called Mountaintops of the Giants.

You will, however, need to make your way to the Rold Route before you can access the Grand Lift of Rold. After defeating Morgott, a red map marker indicating the Rold Route will appear on the east side of the Leyndell region. However, it is not immediately obvious how to get there and how to proceed with the game. In Elden Ring, the Rold Route can be reached in the manner described below.

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How To Get To Rold Route in Elden Ring

Getting to the Rold Route isn’t exactly the easiest or most obvious thing to do in Elden Ring, which is pretty much the same with everything else in the game as well. The only map marker that is available comes courtesy of the game. You are responsible for determining the specifics of how to get there. To begin, I would suggest affixing a beacon to the location shown on the map. Because of the bright blue column of light, you will be able to pinpoint the precise place even when you are some distance away from it. You should be able to get a better sense of how near you are to it from this.

How To Get To Rold Route in Elden Ring

Within Elden Ring, this is the path that leads to Rold Route. Your first objective is to vanquish Morgott, the Omen King. After this has been completed, proceed to the Site of Grace at the Avenue Balcony. Climb the nearby stairs, then take a left at the top of the stairs. Continue down this hallway until you get to several very massive double doors. Pass through the doors, continue straight ahead, and climb the steps when you reach the top. When you reach the top of the steps, take a left and pass through the archway that has a statue on either side of it. Proceed forward by going up the platform and pulling the lever. This will cause an elevator to start working.

How To Get To Rold Route in Elden Ring

You have successfully completed the Rold Route and can go to the Grand Lift of Rold at this point. Congratulations! On your way to the Rold Route, you will encounter a number of challenging foes; therefore, it is imperative that you come prepared.


How do you do the grand lift of Rold?

From Leyndell, the Royal Capital, one can reach the Grand Lift of Rold by travelling to the East and going past the Forbidden Lands. Check it out on the clickable map. Once you have arrived, there will be a Palm Reader to your left and a Site of Grace to your right as you first enter the area.

How do I get to the hidden path in Haligtree?

The Forbidden Lands are where one can find the Hidden Path that leads to the Haligtree. The Grand Lift of Rold must be activated with both the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) and the Haligtree Secret Medallion in order to get entry to this place (Right).

Can you get to Haligtree without the medallion?

If you arrive at this location without the other half of the medallion, Latenna will tell you to leave, but if you show her the right half of the medallion, she will tell you that the other half can be found in Castle Sol, and she will even join you as a spirit that can be summoned.

Where is the hidden manor path?

How to Locate the Secret Door in Volcano Manor, which is Located in Elden Ring Begin your search for the first hidden entrance at the Site of Grace, which is located close to the throne. From there, proceed down the hallway until you reach the first room on your right. From there, proceed to the room’s back right corner and roll against or otherwise assault the wall there until it collapses.

Where can I find Miquella?

You can find her at the base of the Haligtree that Miquella has planted in the Consecrated Snowfield. You will need both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion in order to access that location.