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Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns


With its recent release on PC and next-gen platforms, Remnant 2 has been showered with high accolades. There are two types of firearms available in Remnant 2: pistols and long guns. What it implies is rather obvious from the names. The long guns are the mainstay of your character’s armament and will be used in nearly every fight. Find out which 5 long guns are the greatest in this article’s rundown of Remnant 2:

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The Nightfall is a fantastic weapon that works well with a wide variety of playstyles. It also has strong damage values and provides outstanding support for players, making it one of the most versatile items in the game. The semi-automatic Nightfall rifle can shoot shattering projectiles.

Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns

But the Nightfall has a few tricks up its sleeve, including a unique ability called “Dread Walker” that lets the user enter the domain of dreams and gain a slew of benefits for themselves and their weapons, such as increased damage and the ability to steal lives from enemies. Even though the Nightfall was nerfed early on, its full power can be accessed with the correct build.


The Aphelion looks like it was taken from a cosmic horror Eldritch god and has impressive abilities to match. When faced with a large number of foes, the Aphelion proves to be an effective weapon.

Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns

When fully upgraded, the Aphelion has a satisfyingly heavy feel in the hand and fires a wide arcing energy beam that quickly dispatches foes. The Aphelion can also launch a sphere that, upon hit or damage, detonates explosively. The Aphelion is one of the hardest-to-find weapons, but it’s well worth your time and energy to do so.


Using its special abilities, the Deceit long rifle is a game-changer in Remnant 2, melting the health bars of even the toughest foes and converting them to dust.

Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns

The Deceit, in its most basic configuration, is a six-round magazine gun with a maximum effective range of 28 meters and a damage output of 120 per shot. The Deceit’s special ability, Ouroboros, makes it worth its weight in gold because it allows it to deal extra weak area damage after a melee assault. The Deceit may only be obtained by carefully crafting this weapon from extremely rare components.


The Merciless rifle is a potent weapon because of its accurate and deadly line attack, making most foes look like Swiss cheese. It is also useful for ripping down tanky enemies or complex challenges with its overwhelming power and damage over time.

Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns

The Merciless excels not just because of its high fire rate and large magazine size, but also because of its devastating bleed damage, which can quickly deplete an opponent’s health. After acquiring the firearm’s blueprint, players can use it to make a Merciless rifle at the McCabe Store.


When compared to the M1 rifle, the Widowmaker in Remnant 2 is like the more capable older sibling. The Widowmaker isn’t great for sniper play because its optimal range is only 35 meters.

Remnant 2: 5 Best Long Guns

Even yet, its damage per shot is about double that of the M1, making it a good choice for fighting off a number of foes at once. The Widowmaker is an effective nail driver that also maintains a genuine Western look. Brabus in Ward 13 is where you may buy the Widowmaker.


What is the highest DPS weapon in Remnant 2?

Deceit’s versatility in terms of both explosions and mods makes it a strong contender for the title of best boss DPS weapon.

What are the best side arms in Remnant 2?

Meridian, Rupture Cannon, Bolt Driver, Sureshot, Tech 22, MP60-R, Cube Gun, Sorrow, Double Barrel, and Enigma are some of the most popular and best-ranked Hand Guns in Remnant 2.

Is merciless a good gun Remnant 2?

An insatiable long rifle that deals a lot of damage and causes bleeding over time, the Merciless is a devastating weapon. Because of its destructive explosion, added critical damage, and increased stagger, it is particularly useful in close to medium range battles, where it may easily overwhelm foes.

Is Hellfire good Remnant 2?

Even without upgrades, the Hellfire Flamethrower’s fire damage and built-in Weapon Mod make it a useful weapon. Since this weapon causes STAGGER, it can be used to gain some distance from an oncoming horde of creatures.

Is the AR 47 good in Remnant 2?

Superior efficiency when used in measured bursts. Remnant 2’s Blackmaw AR-47 Long Gun is one of the game’s many available Firearms. The Blackmaw AR-47 is most effective when used in short, controlled bursts at medium range. It can be used effectively in a wide range of combat situations thanks to its precision and firepower.