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Here’s How a Healthy Relationship Impacts Your Health



People who believe that a happy relationship is good for health surely have the point. Two people in love may not even be aware of the extremely beneficial effect of their mutual feelings on the physical and mental state of their bodies. Let’s find out how a happy relationship impacts your health!

Healthy relationships help you sleep better

Even if your partner is a fan of grabbing the blanket during the night, you will still sleep better with your loved one than alone. A number of studies have shown that the presence of your beloved reduces cortisol level, which makes you go to your dreams faster and your sleep becomes deeper.

Love increases resistance to stress

The hormones of happiness (endorphins) that are released in the body of a man or woman in love improve the general well-being of partners, as well as increase stress resistance. This makes you feel relaxed and look at the world in a more positive way.

Kisses boost the immunity

A study conducted by Dutch scientists showed that a loving couple exchanges 80 million bacteria just in a ten-second passionate kiss. As noted by Remco Kort, a professor at the Institute for Applied Scientific Research in the Netherlands, this is an unparalleled example of an almost instantaneous effect of a huge number of non-indigenous microorganisms on the human body. However, such a massive invasion not only does not kill the kissing people but even makes them stronger and healthier by activating the immune system.

Hugs relieve pressure

An experiment conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University has shown that even simple holding hands is beneficial for health. Scientists asked one group of lovers to hold hands for 10 minutes while watching a romantic movie, and then, to hug each other for 20 seconds. The second group was asked to avoid physical contact with a loved one at all.

After that, the participants from both groups had to give a short speech in public. Those who previously enjoyed physical contact with a partner were significantly less worried before the performance and during it, they had a calmer pulse and lower blood pressure. As noted by Karen Gruen, one of the authors of the study, the morning hugs of a loved one will protect you from overload and emotional tension all day long. Do you want to find a person to hug from dusk till dawn? Then, is exactly what you need!

Healthy relationships make you live longer

The results of a study conducted by British scientists have shown that it is much easier to change your bad habits for a healthy lifestyle if you do it together with a loved one. The chances that you will be able to quit smoking, start visiting the gym on a regular basis, or go for a run in the morning are greatly increased if your loved one supports you. For example, 50% of women who took part in the study were able to successfully quit smoking as they did it with a partner. And there are only 8% of women who were able to get rid of such a bad habit alone.

Love protects your heart

The heart is a metaphorical symbol of love, but it turned out that healthy relationships do have a positive effect on its condition. Tender romantic feelings and positive emotions that accompany love can protect your heart and improve cardiac performance. Statistical studies show that women and men are less likely to suffer from heart diseases in happy relationships.

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