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Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies


Healthcare marketing is not only meant for doctors, practitioners, insurers, or suppliers.  It is also meant to attract new patients and create awareness about their healthcare business. Digital healthcare marketing requires many key features to position hospitals at the top of healthcare.  Without true marketing, even an excellent medical treatment for an incurable disease cannot reach the needful patients successfully.  It will reach a point of saturation, and there will be no growth. So if you want new patients constantly coming to your small clinic or a large hospital, healthcare marketing is essential.   

The success of your healthcare marketing strategy relies heavily on the quality of the website. If you have an informative website, then you will receive more patients than other hospitals. In this article, let us focus on the important marketing strategies that you must consider before optimizing your website to attract more patients. 

Analyze The Pulse:

Understand the needs of the customers in your locality and concentrate more on that area. People try to figure out even the small changes in their physical condition. From headache to severe stomach pain, everyone wants an immediate answer to their queries with some extra care. You can target them and provide relevant information as videos, webpages, and infographics with content optimization.  Make sure that your clinic is one of the five in the “near me” search results. After choosing the clinic, people will look for the practitioners near their location. So make sure to display all the awards, certifications, introduction videos, testimonials, and facilities in the clinic on the first page. Make booking appointments simple and easy on the webpage.

Website Designing Is A Must

The first impression is very important for any industry and the healthcare industry is no exception. Build your website with more care and give an extra punch to the templates and images on the page.  You have to make the patients feel comfortable with the website and navigating should be very quick and without difficulties. If you want to treat more patients and lead the industry, then you have to impress the patients in less than a second.  

Nearly 50% of people finalize their hospital based on the design of the website, and 11% of the visitors reach the hospital after the good impression that they felt about the brand on their webpage. Even colours will play a major role in the quality of the website. Video marketing is an important feature. Incorporate quality and engaging video content that is suitable for both patients and healthcare professionals on the webpage with the help of a video marketing guide

Things People Expect On A Healthcare Website:

The website plays an important role in healthcare marketing. Marketing strategies have found that patients decide their treatment in the hospitals based on the impression that they receive from their website. This is the virtual front door for the hospitals. If they don’t get a good user experience, then you cannot get back to your patients. Unless your website is quick to load on the mobile phones and deliver all the required information in less than 30 seconds, you cannot increase the customer count. Here is a list of important factors that people expect from a healthcare website:

  • The website should load quickly and securely.
  • Specialties in the hospital with doctors’ list.
  • Online appointments.
  • Online bill payment.
  • Online prescription renewal option.
  • Virtual assistance and virtual checkups.
  • Quick communication and reminders for patients.
  • A good supply of videos for health care.
  • Information about free health checkups.


Seo Marketing Strategy For Healthcare:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a big role in the healthcare industry. More than 89% of people turn to a search engine with their queries and try to find the answer. Similarly, around 80% of people visit the hospital website before fixing an appointment for a procedure.  

The queries for hospitals with ‘near me’ tag has increased twice as much as other internet queries for restaurants or spa. These statistics indicate one important thing for us: Hospitals need an excellent marketing strategy for healthcare to sustain their patients. Your website should be listed among the top five in the search results. To do so, you need Local SEO and Google’s organic search results. Fill Google ‘my business’ page and enter all the details of your business clearly to help the searchers in finding their specific needs. Consider reading this blog to know more about it.

  • Optimize your website for SEO – make sure that your website is fast, secure, and mobile-friendly.
  • Optimize the contents based on patients’ needs – use a proper content distribution plan and try to cover all the elements of the website. Focus on blogs, email newsletters, E-books, landing pages, and press releases.
  • Tag healthcare keywords to the target audience- healthcare SEO keywords should be used to increase the traffic to the website. For example, “doctors near me”, “primary care doctor”, “nearest hospital”, and “children’s clinic” has more traffic than other keywords. Try to use them at least once on the website. 
  • Increase the backlinks to your website for gaining a higher rank.

Use Pay Per Clicks And Display Ads Wisely:

Paid advertisements are seen first in Google, and the search answers are displayed below them.  Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements are more likely to be clicked before your website URL.  It is advisable to use the PPC wisely to increase your traffic. Return on Investment (ROI) is defined for PPCs and display ads. Display ads are equally good as PPC.

Utilize Social media:

Healthcare marketing is highly successful in social media. Almost every healthcare system is having accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Simple tweets can bring more customers similar to other industries. Educating the patients with the latest technologies used in the hospital for treatment and patient care is possible with tweets.  Videos from Doctors and nurses regarding diseases, treatments, and cure will eventually bring more patients to the hospital. Who said social media is only for advertising? 

Doctors have converted various methods of marketing into a beautiful path to medical knowledge and practice with live surgery videos. Videos and blogs with the links to the website have moved many patients from their favourite hospitals to the new ones.

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