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How do I become a CISCO expert?


Cisco is one of the world’s top networking firms, and it is responsible for a significant portion of the infrastructure that you use every day. They are pioneering in innovation, generating major industry upheavals in recent years, and presenting new chances for people involved in computer networks. But how do you go about becoming a Cisco expert?

If you are looking for an opportunity to be a professional Cisco technician, then we have got the perfect opportunity for you. One of them is CCIE.

What is CCIE?

CCIE is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It was created to make it simpler for organizations to recognize the world’s greatest Internetworking specialists by giving them globally recognized accreditation. To stay up with the ever-changing networking profession, if you choose to take this course, you will have to complete both tests and practical assignments, providing a balance that will appeal to a wide audience. After completing this course, you will be a certified Cisco expert, and it will be recognized globally. Cisco is always upgrading and refining Cisco CCIE lab learning with SPOTO lab to ensure its engineers employ the most up-to-date tools, technology, and procedures.

But the real question is, how does this course help an IT engineer or anyone who is aspiring to become a CISCO expert?

Though there are many courses for networking and computers, not all of them are globally recognized or acknowledged. This is not the case with the CISCO CCIE program. With the help of the CISCO brand and the popularity of the CCIE program, IT engineers and other aspirants can speed the newest innovations in their industry and be recognized as a CISCO expert. It also adds an impressive qualification to your resume.

Along with CCIE, 2 more certifications will get you on the path of getting the expertise in CISCO.

CCNA is also known as Cisco Certified Network Associate. This may be accomplished by either taking a comprehensive test or passing CCENT first and then taking a second exam to become CCNA certified. If you believe you have sufficient experience, you will be allowed to skip CCENT by taking only one CCNA test.

CCNP is also known as Cisco certified Networking Professional; before beginning the program, you must first pass the CCNA test. Because the CCNP offers numerous areas of specialization that may be studied, you have the possibility of getting more than one CCNP.

Apart from Certified courses, what else can you do to become a CISCO expert? Here are some tips:

Experience while studying 

There is no doubt that experience looks the best on a CV. This reduces the amount of training required to bring you into a fully functional capacity, saving time and money. Experience working from home is also advantageous. Therefore, even though you don’t have a certification with you, your experience and curiosity to learn the fundaments of setting up and administering a small network or even larger will be quite beneficial. With experience, it will be easy for you to clear various courses in the future if you wish to pursue them.

Sharpening your soft skills

You’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional and efficient Cisco network engineer with the right training, such as a Cisco networking course and practical experience. However, it is also critical to work on certain soft skills that will increase your capacity to do your position. Since CISCO deals with networking and each company look for employees who are good at communicating, it is essential to keep your soft skills impressive to have a successful career and in the journey of achieving expertise at CISCO.


So, what are you holding out for? If you currently have a CCNP certification, consider taking additional focus tests to further your knowledge. Enter your technological track’s automation and programmability focus. Alternatively, you may begin studying for the CCIE. You’re only one exam away from graduating!

Along with this, make sure you improve your soft and hard skills and get as much experience as you can alongside the studies. With this, you are just on the right track to being a CISCO expert. All the best!