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How is a gaming laptop different from an office laptop?


gaming laptop vs office laptop

It has been seen that many new users are left confused when it comes to choosing a gaming laptop. While a normal work laptop should be smaller in size and portable, a gaming desktop should be with a bigger screen and more customizable. Both have a few similarities but there is a list of huge differences too. This blog is written to help you in differentiating between a gaming laptop and a normal personal laptop.

The key specifications of a gaming laptop

While buying a gaming laptop you need to look for specifications that are specifically required for gaming. Some of its chief features are:

Screen size and visual experience–With the introduction of new technologies like HD and 3D selecting the right screen size have become important. A bigger screen lets you enjoy the technological advancements. Some of the aspects related to visual experience are:

  • The aspect ratio –The latest universally supported aspect ratio for gaming laptops is 16:9 that promises you an immersive experience.
  • Good resolution – While choosing a gaming laptop look for resolutions like FHD, UHD, 4k and 8K.
  • Viewing angle – A bad viewing angle means will not allow you to see the screen from all the angels and can cause a big hindrance. It is recommended that you tilt the monitor between 10 to 20 degrees from vertical.

Graphics – Here, you should ensure that your gaming laptop has the best graphics card inserted and see if can be upgraded easily. When it comes to GPUs, the NVIDIA and ATI are considered to be the best.

3D –  This is the latest technology that has made a revolution in the world of gaming. Nowadays, most of the games are 3D-compatible. So, it is always advisable that you go for a 3D gaming laptop.

Audio – Good quality sound is a vital aspect when it comes to buying a gaming laptop. Sound proves to a huge part of the gaming experience that allows the user to get thoroughly absorbed in the ambiance irrespective of whether it is a single-player or multiplayer one.

Processor or Hard Drive – This is probably the most important feature of a gaming laptop. If you don’t want your laptop to get stuck while playing go for a laptop with a processor of not less than 4.0 GHz. Also, go for a SATA hard drive that draws less power and has good clock speed.

RAM– A RAM decides the total number of programs that can run parallelly on a laptop without affecting its computing speed. More RAM will offer a better gaming experience. Together with RAM the VRAM (video random access memory) is also important. VRAM is the dedicated RAM for graphics and videos. So, always check the ratings of the RAM and VRAM before you purchase a gaming laptop.

The key specifications of a gaming laptop

The specifications of a normal laptop are quite similar to that of a desktop. Some of the noteworthy specifications are:

  • Battery life – This seems to be the most important feature when it comes to selecting a regular work laptop. To enjoy uninterrupted work, the battery should run for long. Smaller laptops come with integrated batteries that are not replaceable. So, pick your work laptop carefully considering this aspect.
  • Size and weight – Always look for a laptop that is not too heavy so that you can carry it around conveniently. Nowadays, you will find lightweight laptops that are highly portable. A work laptop even with a small screen serves the purpose.
  • Connectivity – In the case of a normal laptop,wireless connectivity is a must as it is mostly used for browsing. The laptop should be 802.11g Wi-Fi compatible to be able to easily connect to the public hotspots. Bluetooth connectivity is another desirable feature when it comes to connectivity as it makes file sharing easier.
  • Optical drive– With the rise in cloud storage CD drives are becoming obsolete. But if you are planning to watch movies through DVDs then a DVD drive is a much desirable option.
  • Ports – A good laptop should come with a number of ports. A few USB ports, audio port, HDMI port, Ethernet port and an SD card slot are some of the common options.


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Now that you have got a clear idea about the basic difference in the specifications of both the types of laptops.

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