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How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4


Launching now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways brings back the original game mode from the 2005 version of RE4 with a number of thrilling changes and new gameplay elements. Ada Wong stars in the downloadable content for 2023’s best-selling horror game, which reveals her struggles behind the scenes of Resident Evil 4. The number of chapters in Resident Evil 4 is detailed in this article.

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How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

There are a total of sixteen acts in Resident Evil 4 Remake. As the player progresses through these chapters, he or she will have to visit the game’s three primary locations, the Village, the Castle, and the Island, all of which contain important story elements and enjoyable side missions.

The player will be able to save their progress, alter their loadout, and evaluate their overall performance after each chapter is completed. Players should save their progress after completing each chapter, as they may not always have the option to do so.

Points of No Return

Several story moments in the remade Resident Evil 4 restrict Leon from returning to earlier points in the game. In some cases, the Merchant will warn the player before they reach an impasse, but he won’t always be around to do so.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

The player of Resident Evil 4 remake should take note of all the game’s points of no return to prevent Leon from progressing too far before he has investigated everything each location has to offer.

In Chapter 4:

Following Leon’s victory over El Gigante in Chapter 4, the player will be instructed to proceed to the Church in order for the plot to continue. After that, the road back will no longer be accessible, which will prevent him from going back to The Lake.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

In Chapter 5:

In order to reach the climactic point of Chapter 5, Leon will have to cross a bridge that leads to an abandoned house. Once inside the house, he will have to defend himself against a great number of adversaries. Players who have not yet investigated every part of The Village should delay crossing this bridge until they have finished doing so, as doing so will prohibit them from returning to regions they have already visited.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

In Chapter 12:

In Chapter 12, Leon takes the elevator to the top of The Clocktower. Players can no longer access the previous area of The Castle if they use this elevator.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

The Merchant can be found after the player has ascended the lift and traveled a little distance. After passing through the massive doors farther down the walkway, Leon must engage in a somewhat chaotic boss fight before he can continue on to The Island. Players should retrace their steps before unlocking these doors if they haven’t finished what’s left of Chapter 12.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

In Chapter 16:

Leon will face up against the game’s ultimate boss not long after Chapter 16’s events. The fight will start as soon as Leon enters the elevator after passing the Merchant’s shop. Avoid this elevator if you want to spend some extra time exploring The Island before the game ends.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

If players finish Resident Evil 4: Remake before realizing they’ve missed something, they can always start a new game on New Game+ and get another go at it, with all progress saved except for Key Items and side quests.

How long is Resident Evil 4?

The first iteration of Resident Evil 4 is the series’ longest installment to date. Its tale can be consumed in as little as 10 hours, but the game’s more explorable locations allow for a wider window of time to complete it. The 2005 iteration typically clocks it at around 15 hours to accomplish.

Despite being a vastly different game, Resident Evil 4 in 2023 is strikingly similar. We spent about 15–20 hours on our initial playthrough. Also, we didn’t get a perfect score at the shooting range or complete all blue requests in our save file. About 25–30 hours of playtime is available if you want to put in some time with it.

How Many Chapters in Resident Evil 4

That’s not even counting Mercenaries mode, which will launch alongside New Game+, or the game’s challenge system. Those who want to see everything the game has to offer will need to put in a lot more time.


Is Resident Evil 4 the longest game?

The current record for the Resident Evil series is held by Resident Evil 6, with a total playing of 21 hours. Featuring four scenarios with the intertwined stories of Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, Jake Muller, and Chris Redfield, Resident Evil 6 boasts an outstanding duration.

What chapter does re4 end on?

After Ashley saves Leon at the end of Chapter 15, the final and 16th chapter of Resident Evil 4 sees Leon and Ashley finally leave the island.

Is Resident Evil 4 less scary?

Regarding Resident Evil 4, the new remake of which is not nearly as terrifying as one might hope. Since horror is a subgenre, and RE4 isn’t a traditional horror game, it’s easy to see why it became the series’ breakout hit.

Why is Resident Evil 4 so mature?

Parents should be aware that there is blood and violence in Resident Evil 4. Players must use a variety of weapons to dispatch hundreds of lifelike humans and creatures. Resident Evil 4 is an M-rated game for a reason, thanks to its inclusion of both sexual and profane content.