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How to Add and Activate TNT on an Apple TV


TNT stands for Turner Network Television, which is a network channel situated in the United States of America that is owned by Warner Media. TNT is also commonly abbreviated as TNT. It provides access to a vast library of video content, including television programmes, drama, stuff relating to sports, and films. You are able to watch critically acclaimed and widely watched originals such as “Animal Kingdom,” “Snowpiercer,” “The Alienist,” plus a great deal more. You are able to stream TNT at no additional cost if you are already a subscriber to one of the following service providers: Direct TV, Dish, Verizon, Comcast Xfinity, or Cox. The Apple TV comes with its own customized version of TNT, which can be downloaded from the company’s app store. In this walkthrough, we will discuss the steps required to install and activate TNT on Apple TV.

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How to Add and Activate TNT on an Apple TV

1. Before you begin using your Apple TV, you need first turn it on and check to see that it is successfully connected to the internet.

2. By clicking the Home button located on the Apple TV remote, you will be able to enter the home screen of your Apple TV.

3. Now, in the location bar that appears below the cursor, click on the App store to open it.

How to Add and Activate TNT on an Apple TV

4. Select the field that is labelled “Search,” and then type “TNT” in that field.

How to Add and Activate TNT on an Apple TV

5. After then, the page with information about the app will load. You will need to select the Install option before you can begin the application’s installation on your Apple TV.