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How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android


Autofill on Android will save your personal information, including passwords, addresses, and payment methods. Connectivity is provided to Google applications such as Google Maps, Google Pay, and the password manager for Chrome. You are only permitted to have a single autofill service active at any given time, but you are free to add another password manager if you use one. Here’s how to turn on Android’s autofill feature and make necessary adjustments to its settings.

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How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

On an Android device, it is simple to activate or deactivate the autofill feature. Additionally, it is simple to make adjustments to important settings and modify information that has already been saved. You have the choice of activating autofill from Google or utilizing one of the many other password managers that are available from third-party companies.

1. Launch the application that is responsible for managing the settings.

2. After scrolling down to the bottom of the page, go to the menu and pick System > Language & Input from the drop-down list.

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

3. To make the section more visible, you’ll need to tap the symbol that’s labelled “Advanced.”

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

4. Simply touching the service icon will activate the autofill feature.

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

5. Check to see if the Autofill service is still selected after you’ve already done so.

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

6. To add a service, tap the button that says “Add service.”

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

7. After you’ve decided on a password manager, Google will ask you whether or not you have confidence in the software package that you’ve chosen to use as your password manager.

How to Turn On and Customize Autofill on Android

8. Tap OK if you do.


What is password autofill on Android?

You may already be familiar with Google’s own password manager, which is integrated into Google Chrome. Because Google Password Manager stores your passwords in the cloud, you will be able to access them from a variety of devices, including your Android phone. Although the user interface (UI) is different on Android, the backend functionality of the same password manager remains the same. This password manager is backed by Google Play services.

Which apps does Android’s autofill feature work with?

The password autofill option offered by Google is not restricted to the use of the company’s own password manager. Instead, autofill can draw data from a wide variety of apps, including well-known password managers such as LastPass and 1Password. You are able to pick those applications in the autofill settings of your Android device so long as you have logged into those applications and have provided them with anywhere from a few to hundreds of passwords. Because of this, it will not matter which app you choose to save your passwords because it will be simple to access them.

Is Android Autofill Safe?

The answer is yes, and the reason for this is because Android Autofill talks with Google. In addition, Google encrypts all of your data with a high level of security. It gives the impression that there are no vulnerabilities at all. Because it makes use of a password manager for Chrome, using it poses no risk whatsoever, especially in relation to sensitive information.