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How to Add Friends on Discord on Desktop


Being ability to connect with other users is the most important aspect of Discord. Discord was initially developed to improve the flow of conversation within online games; however, it has now evolved into much more than just a social gaming platform. The procedure for adding friends and chatting with them is the same whether you use the free version of Discord or subscribe to the paid version, Discord Nitro. Let’s go over the steps for adding friends on the desktop version of Discord.

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How to Add Friends on Discord on Desktop

Click the Discord logo that is located at the very top of the sidebar on the left when you are using the desktop app or website for Discord. This is the button that takes you home.

How to Add Friends on Discord on Desktop

To add a friend, open the DIRECT MESSAGES sidebar, navigate to the Friends tab at the top, and then click the green Add Friend button.

How to Add Friends on Discord on Desktop

After you have entered their Discord username in the field provided, click the Send Friend Request button. Keep in mind that you need to manually type their username, followed by a hashtag, and then their Discord tag after that.

How to Add Friends on Discord on Desktop


How do I accept a friend request on Discord?

To confirm that you agree to be added, click the checkbox that appears next to the person’s name. Tap the red x instead of accepting the request if you’d rather not have the item.

Why can’t I friend request on Discord?

Perhaps they disabled requests to be friends.

Users of Discord have the option to block friend requests from being sent to them by other users at random. To put it another way, if you are no longer using the same server or if you do not have any friends in common, the person you are trying to add as a friend will not get your request.

Where are friend requests on Discord app?

If you have been sent a Friend Request, a notification will appear in a bright red colour on the Friends tab of your profile. Simply press the symbol to be taken to the Friends tab, where you may review any requests that are currently pending.

Who can send friend request?

In response to the question, “Who can send you invitations to be their friend?” after selecting Friends of Friends, click the Done button. Now, only people who are friends of your existing Facebook friends will be allowed to send you friend requests, and according to Facebook, your profile will only show up in the People You May Know section for other users if they are friends of friends of your existing Facebook friends.

Is it normal to not have 30 friends?

However, just because it’s challenging to meet new people after the age of 30 does not indicate that it’s impossible. Although a study conducted in 2020 indicated that more than three in five Americans believe they are lonely and cite a lack of social support and meaningful contacts as the primary reason of their condition, this is not something that has to be the case at all.