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How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote


There are a few different models of the Fire Stick remote, and they are not all compatible with one another. Therefore, you are only able to pair a Fire Stick remote with a different Fire Stick if both the remote and the Fire Stick in question are compatible with one another. For instance, the second generation Alexa Voice Remote is not compatible with the first or second generation Amazon Fire TV, the first generation Fire Stick, or Fire TV Edition smart TVs; however, it does work with other models. However, it does not work with Fire TV Edition smart TVs. This article will walk you through the process of adding or replacing a remote for your Fire TV Stick. So let’s get started:

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How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote

1. With the remote that came with your Fire Stick, navigate to the Home screen by pressing the Home button.

2. Select the Settings menu from the main menu.

3. Choose the Game Controllers and Bluetooth Devices That You Want to Employ in This Adventure.

How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote

4. On the Amazon Fire TV, go to the section that is labeled Remotes.

How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote

5. After that, a menu will appear on the screen; from that menu, select the option to Add New Remote.

How to Add or Replace a Firestick Remote

6. If you want your new Firestick remote to be recognized, press and hold the Home button on it until it is finished.

7. If you still have the old remote, use it and press the Select button. After that, you should check your list and find that both remote controls are there.


Why is my Fire Stick remote not pairing?

If the remote for your Amazon Firestick is not functioning properly, you can try resetting either the remote or your device. Check that there is not anything blocking the line of sight between your remote and the Firestick so that the two of them can communicate. Alternate solutions include replacing the batteries in your Firestick remote or pairing and unpairing it before using it again.

How do I get my Fire Stick to recognize my remote?

Your Fire TV device needs to be restarted, and then you must wait one minute. After that, you will need to re-pair your Fire TV remote by pressing and holding the Home button for ten seconds while using the remote. It should be possible to pair the remote with your Fire TV device.

How do I fix an unresponsive remote?

Check to see that none of the buttons on the remote are jammed or stuck. It’s possible that the battery terminals on the remote control are dirty. After removing the batteries from the remote control and using a cotton bud or a soft cloth to apply a small solution of alcohol to the terminals of the remote control, you should then replace the batteries in the device.

Can I use a different Firestick remote?

The truth is that some of the remotes that come with different models of Fire Sticks can, in fact, be used with any model of Fire Stick. On the other hand, not all of them are compatible with one another.