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How to Install Hulu on FireStick


Hulu is the name of one of the most well-known and extensively utilized on-demand and subscription-based services in the United States. Disney holds the vast majority of the company’s shares and exercises complete authority over its operations. Hulu may now be downloaded directly from the Amazon App Store, where it has been publicly introduced for sale to the general public. As a consequence of this, you do not need to sideload it into FireStick. It is already installed. This tutorial will take you through the steps of installing Hulu on your FireStick device so that you may watch your favourite shows and movies. So let’s get started:

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How to Install Hulu on FireStick

If you want to install Hulu on your FireStick in a matter of minutes, follow the steps below:

1. On the home screen of the FireStick, select the Find option that is located in the middle bar.

NOTE: If you are still using an older version of the FireStick operating system, go to the top-left corner of your home screen and select the Search option (or the lens icon).

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

2. At this time, select Search.

NOTE: If you are using an older version of the Fire TV operating system, you can skip this step.

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

3. Use the keyboard that appears on the screen to log into Hulu. When it comes up in the search results, Hulu should be the first thing you click.

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

4. On the screen that follows, in the section labelled “Apps & Games,” choose the Hulu tile and click it. If you do not see it, scroll down until you reach the area labelled “Apps & Games.”

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

5. If this is your first time installing Hulu, the next screen will prompt you to click the GET button. Instead of clicking the Install option, you should click the Download button if you are reinstalling the application (as you see in the image below)

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

6. The Hulu app for FireStick will start downloading and installing right after this. It could take a few minutes before you see results.

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

7. When the download is finished, you may start using the application by clicking the Open button. In the following section, I will demonstrate how to get to the application under your Apps area.

How to Install Hulu on FireStick


Is Hulu available on Amazon Fire Stick?

That’s correct. The Amazon Fire Stick is fully compatible with Hulu’s streaming platform. In point of fact, downloading the software and beginning use of it takes no more than a few minutes. This portable smart TV gadget, which comes in the form of a Fire Stick, is extremely user-friendly and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Why is Hulu not supported on my device anymore?

It is possible that the Hulu app installed on your television needs to be updated if you see the message “Hulu is no longer supported on this device” or “Your user session has expired” on the screen. As of the 3rd of October in 2022, Hulu will no longer provide support for the version of its app that is being utilised by particular Android TVTM devices.

Why is my TV not letting me watch Hulu?

Check for app and system updates: If you want to check for Hulu updates, you may do so by visiting the app store for your device. Visit the settings menu on your device in order to check for available upgrades to the operating system. Delete all cached files and data: Clearing the cache and data on your smartphone is normally done through the settings menu. This procedure deletes temporary files to assist in reclaiming space that has been used.

Why can’t i download the Hulu app?

In general, the device will not be able to utilise Hulu if it does not have the Google Play store or other Google applications (such as Gmail, Maps, etc.). If you are having any problems installing the Hulu app, we suggest updating to the newest version of Android OS.