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How to Find or Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs


Unlock All Escape Backroom Morphs

Do you want to find and unlock the escape backroom morphs easily? Firstly, it is important to find that how many new backroom monsters we have to get. All the monsters in Gravity Falls look like the Gumball characters but you need to make your move to find the escaped backroom morphs. Here is how to find and unlock the escape backroom morphs.


Pikachu monster is located inside the electric wire. You will have to get the trophy to find the escaped backroom morphs. Pikachu is hanging out behind some kind of electricity wall and we have got to find the trophy and do a bit of bargain to find Pikachu.


If you want to unlock the turtle morphs, then you will have to wait for the Halloween season. If you need the turtle morph you will have to look out for the trophy spawn. The trophy looks like a piece of cheese and you will get a lot of hints to get the trophy. If you get lucky with teleporting, you can find the turtle morph in the back rooms.

Gumball’s mom 

Gumball’s mom is one of the morphs that is rarely seen. You will have to make a shout-out to Gumball and find her to unlock it. If you are looking for her then you must find Mr. Krabs. Five boxes seem old and unique. Open three out of five boxes to unlock Gumball’s mom. If you are trying to attack the creepy little kitty it is best to avoid that. The kitty is in the Trap and you have to make a quick move to grab the morph. the glitch gun on somebody before we get

A pair of platypus 

A pair of platypus is a cup head figure and character. There is a Lego figure that is in green color. The mutant green and blue characters can be unlocked if you get the badges. You will get a lot of hints to unlock the morphs. There is a glass in the chapter two map that you have to break. Grab a hammer and break the glass in the map to unlock the backroom morphs. Go to the left side and break the glass to get the morph.


If you want to reach the dwarf morph you have to break the hammer break. It is important to clog the bar and get the hammer from the map in chapter 2. You will not be able to click on the morph if you don’t have a hammer. You have to teleport back to the pawn and chase the dwarf morph. Try to chase them and find the trophy to unlock it. There is a secret door to the detective’s base is where you will find the trophy.

Perry Peter 

Perry Peter is a super scary morph and it can be difficult to unlock him. There is a painting in the closed door that will let you unlock this morph. There is a hidden key that let you unlock the painting. You will have to go all the way up to unlock Perry Peter.


When you go down the elevator you will find one secret room. You don’t need to look around and just open the room instantly. As you move towards the upper area simply fix the secret door. If you already have an animation it may not work very well. The best idea is to teleport to a new spot. All you need is to reset your character and get the best of everything.

You can understand how the character works but you will look more like a human. Initially, your character will look more like a robot but everything will change later. Everything here looks like a secret and you will need a way to hide it. Players can jump around for a while and press the button to find the spawn.


Next up is Zeus and he will be right there near the cart. Initially, you may not understand where to go but in the end, you will reach somewhere cool. Here you may feel stuck on where to go, but things will eventually sort it in the end. You will get in touch with red toe and train eater. Players may not find anything here but trade will begin very soon.

Shaggy Sugar

After moving to various areas of the game you will now have to look for more morphs. Just move down a little and enter the secret door. As you move down towards the Shaggy sugar everything will turn out for the better. The next move should be going to level two. At this level, you will witness a lot of new and interesting things. Behind the bars, you will find a lot of morphs. When you find most of them, your score level will also go higher.

Mario & Gumball

Players need to say hello to Mario as this character will wait to welcome them. Let’s teleport to the next level once again and find Gumball as well. If you are wondering where Gumball is, it will be right there in the farmer’s place. You just need to open up the secret room but there may not be something behind it as well.

Lego Guy

When the players are done with finding the other characters, they can start to look for Lego Guy. You need to fight a little and try to find the Lego Guy seriously. It seems challenging at first but when you go down to a new room this is where you can find him. This character will most probably be hiding somewhere you cannot find. Just keep looking at every corner and find Lego.


Are you looking for Perry now? Well, that’s awesome as you can have a new adventure to look forward to. He is a little lagged but you can surely find him. There are a lot of good places where the morphs can hide. However, you have the option to move around and look for the place efficiently. He must be hiding in Sponge bob or Sherk’s place.


If you are looking to find or unlock all escape backroom morphs this post will be meaningful. You can find the morphs in your favorite game to get all the entertainment.