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How to Allow Zoom Participants To Share Screen on Desktop


A significant number of participants in Zoom meetings are unable to share their screens. This is due to the fact that Zoom’s default settings only permit the host or a co-host to share their screen. It is necessary for the host to enable screen sharing for participants in the event that the host want for other participants to also share the screen. Exactly in this manner will we direct you moving forward.

Participants in a Zoom meeting will receive a warning informing them that “Host has disabled participant screen sharing” if screen sharing is turned off for those in the meeting. In order to rectify the situation and enable other people to share the screen, the host must first provide authorization to do so.

If you are hosting a Zoom meeting, you may make it possible for attendees to share their screens by following the instructions outlined in this article.

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How to Allow Zoom Participants To Share Screen On Desktop

After successfully joining a Zoom conference, you should navigate to the bottom bar of the Zoom window and select the Security tab from the menu that appears there.

How to Allow Zoom Participants To Share Screen on Desktop

After the feature has been activated, participants will have the opportunity to share the screen with one another. To make sharing possible, navigate to the section that is labelled “Allow participants to,” and then select the button that is labelled “Share screen.”

To enable editing of the Security and Privacy settings, locate the lock icon in the lower left-hand corner of the window and click on it. After entering your login and password for the OS administrator account, click the Unlock button. To make changes to the Camera, Microphone, Screen Recording, Files and Folders, or Accessibility settings, select the permission that you require from the list.

After sharing has been made possible, participants will be given the opportunity to share the screen with one another.


Can participants Share Screen in Zoom?

During the Course of the Meeting

In the control bar for your meeting, you’ll find an arrow pointing upwards beside the button labelled Share Screen. To access the advanced sharing options, click here. Click All Participants. Your audience members are free to share the content currently displayed on their screens.

Why is screen sharing not working?

You might also try emptying the cache for the Discord app if you’re on Android. It’s possible that the feature that allows you to share your screen is being affected by a temporary file. It should be fixed after clearing the cache. Simply navigate to “Android Settings > Apps > Discord > Storage” to accomplish this.

Why wont my Mac Let me share screens?

If you want to share the screen of another Mac, go to that Mac’s System Preferences, select the Sharing option, and then check the box next to your name to ensure that you are on the list of users who are allowed to share the screen of that Mac. Check that neither of the Macs is in the sleep state. Adjust the settings for sleep using the System Preferences menu if necessary.

Why is my screen share button GREY?

Assuming that the person you are trying to reach uses iMessage, the fact that the button to share your screen is greyed out implies that he is unable to receive screen sharing at this time. It’s possible that he has screen shaping turned off in the options for his Mac. Alternatively, he could be using an iPhone, which prevents him from being able to share his screen.

Why is invite to share my screen greyed out?

On the screen that displays settings for the link, you have the ability to modify who has access to the link and who may make edits to the item that you are sharing. It’s possible that the administrators of your company have disabled one of the sharing choices by giving it a grayed-out appearance. If you try to share, the option to share with Anyone Who Has the Link can become unavailable.

How do I grant access to Zoom on Mac?