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How to Beat and Counter Latias in Pokemon Go


As Latias will only be available as a raid boss in Pokemon GO for a limited period, many players are probably overjoyed at the prospect of adding the Dragon and Psychic type legendary to their team. This is especially true for people who have never caught the Pokemon before or for people who wish to gather the new shiny variation of Latias. Both of these groups of people should pay close attention to this information. The raid boss CP of Latias has the potential to reach as high as 48,080, and its capture CP can reach a maximum of 2507 CP at level 25, as well as 100% IV in windy conditions. Without a weather boost, a level 20 character with 100 percent IV can go as low as 1921. This indicates that AT LEAST three well-rounded Pokemon GO players who are equipped with the appropriate counters will be required, while it would be preferable to complete this raid with seven or more people. In Pokemon Go, this post will teach you how to defeat and outsmart latias in every situation. So let’s get started:

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How to Beat and Counter Latias in Pokemon Go

Latias’ Move Set

  • Dragon Breath (fast Dragon-type move)
  • Zen Headbutt (fast Psychic-type move)
  • Psychic (charged, 1 bar Psychic-type move)
  • Thunder (charged, 1 bar Electric-type move)
  • Outrage (charged, 2 bar Dragon-type move)

At least for Dragon Counters, the most destructive move set is the combination of Dragon Breath and Outrage. When facing a Zen Headbutt/Psychic Latias, it is important to steer clear of ghost-type Pokémon like Dragonite and to steer clear of flying types like Dragonite when facing a Thunder Latias. The key to success in this situation is to choose a counter in Pokemon GO that is well-suited to the move set of the Latias.

Weather Boost

How to Beat and Counter Latias in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon GO, the most dangerous weather to confront Latias is windy weather; yet, windy weather also increases capture CP and Dragon counters, so it’s not all bad news. Rain will improve its Thunder attack, while all other conditions – with the exception of sunny and partly cloudy days – will promote a different type of Latias counter. Sunny and partly cloudy days are the exceptions.

Best Counters

Latias is susceptible to attacks of many different types, and these include Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Bug, Ghost, and Ice-type attacks, among others. Using these counters in conjunction with the environment and having an accurate understanding of the legendary Pokemon’s move set can go a long way towards ensuring your success in capturing it in Pokemon GO. The following Pokemon (and move sets) are ones that we recommend using to battle Latias:

  • Palkia, also known as Dragon Tail or Dragon Meteor.
  • Dragonite, also known as Dragon Tail or Draco Meteor.
  • A mamoswine, also known as a snow avalanche.
  • Tyranitar, often known as Bite or Crunch
  • Gengar (Sucker Punch/Shadow Ball)
  • Scizor, also known as the Fury Cutter or X-Scissor

A trainer will be able to defeat the dual-type legendary Pokémon Latias and, with any luck, add a shiny variant of it to their team if they use these Pokemon against it while equipping them with a specific move set and/or a weather type that is to their advantage.


What is most effective against latias?

Due to the fact that both Latios and Latias are psychic/dragon types, regardless of whether or not they have undergone the Mega Evolution process, they share the same types of vulnerabilities. To be more specific, legendary Pokemon are susceptible to attacks from Pokemon of the ice, dark, ghost, bug, fairy, and various dragon types; hence, these are the best types to utilise against them in battle.

What is strong against Giovanni’s latios?

Gengar, with its lightning-fast Ghost-type strikes, will be the most effective opponent for Shadow Latios, as this Legendary Pokemon is vulnerable to these types of assaults. Togekiss and Gardevoir are also effective counters because to the fact that the Fairy type is resistant to the Dark type and is powerful against both the Dragon type and the Dark type.

How do you beat Giovanni easily?

The best team to compete against Giovanni

Given that we are consistently pitted against Persian opponents, we strongly advise selecting a Fighting-focused archetype in your party. Lucario, equipped with Power Up-Punch, and Galarian Zapdos, equipped with Ancient Power, are both additional choices. Nevertheless, the reliable Scrafty, equipped with Counter and Power-Up Punch, is also an option.

Is it possible to fight Giovanni?

In Pokémon Go, players get the opportunity to do battle with Giovanni, the leader of Team Go Rocket. If you are strong enough to overcome him, you will be rewarded with some wonderful opportunities, including the chance to capture a legendary Shadow Pokémon like Shadow Mewtwo or Shadow Registeel. If you are not powerful enough to defeat him, you will not receive any benefits.

How many people beat Latios?

It should take four trainers with Pokemon of this level to be able to take down Mega Latios. It is going to be a tough battle, therefore it is imperative that everyone employs their finest Pokemon.