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How to Beat the Harbinger in Halo Infinite


Since the Halo franchise has stayed popular for such a long time, it is unnecessary to state that Halo Infinite maintains the series’ status as a fan favorite among first-person shooter contests. The Banished are a new enemy faction that has emerged as a result of the battle between the Covenant and the Humans, and Master Chief barely survived Cortana’s initial assault against the universe. The last boss fight in Halo Infinite, however, does not feature a member of the Banished. Instead, the struggle is against the Harbinger, an entity intent on something that could prove even more perilous than the annihilation of the human species. Since this creature’s mission is to rescue the Endless from their prison set by the Forerunners, we can conclude that the Endless, whatever they may be, are extremely dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Defeating the Harbinger in Halo: Infinite is possible if you use the strategies described below. Let’s jump right in:

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How to Beat the Harbinger in Halo Infinite

1. Pay Attention To Your Environment

The Silent Auditorium is the site of the decisive battle with the Harbinger. This vast region is filled with concealment and explosive elemental coils. Since there is a lot of room to move around, Master Chief can use his Grappleshot and Thrusters to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. As soon as the combat begins, the Harbinger will send waves of Banished to aid Master Chief in his struggle against the Covenant. The Harbinger unleashes waves of Banished against Master Chief across three distinct phases of the battle. Banished groups will consist of a wide variety of enemies, including Jackals, Brutes, Grunts, Elites, and Skimmers (besides Hunters).

How to Beat the Harbinger in Halo Infinite

At first, the groups of Banished will appear from nowhere in particular, but if you keep an eye out, you can spot a gateway that lights up blue to indicate the approach of adversaries. Once the initial group of Banished have been eliminated, the Harbinger’s eyes will turn to Master Chief. Avoid taking unnecessary damage by dodging the creature’s energy orbs with the help of the Grappleshot and Thrusters. The Harbinger’s barrier can be quickly and easily eroded by the Sentinel Beam, and once it’s gone, the Harbinger will temporarily collapse, allowing Master Chief to wreak havoc on its health meter.

2. Deal With Waves Of Enemies

Unlike the Escharum boss fight, the Harbinger’s only tactic is to keep firing energy orbs at Master Chief. The waves of Banished sent by the Harbinger do vary slightly, though, and in the last phase, Master Chief faces the strongest of the Banished. Several Skimmers with Shock Rifles, Elites, and a Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer make up the last wave. Your skills will be put to the test in this last wave before you defeat the Harbinger. Which adversaries you want to focus on will change depending on the level of difficulty you’re playing at.

How to Beat the Harbinger in Halo Infinite

The Chieftain can be frustrating since the Brute will continually charge towards Master Chief. If you can stay out of the Brute’s way, you can finish out the remaining Banished and turn your attention to bringing the Brute down. Similarly, the Harbinger’s Sentinel Beam has devastating effects on nearly all of the Banished, so don’t forget to use it in battle. Defeat the Harbinger once you’ve eliminated all of the Banished, then sit back and watch the credits roll for Halo: Infinite.


What weapon is good against Harbinger Halo Infinite?

Due to the fact that it can penetrate her shields, the Sentinel Beam is likely to be the most effective phase-one weapon to utilize against her. The player can deal damage to her while the shield is still active. Players may swing to gain distance and make higher shots with the Halo Infinite Grappleshot, which is an effective weapon for using against the Harbinger when positioned on a higher ledge.

What is the most overpowered weapon in Halo Infinite?

The M41 SPNKR Rocket Launcher is without a doubt the most effective weapon in Halo Infinite due to the fact that it can fire two rockets from a single clip, in addition to the enormous amount of damage it is capable of dealing.

Is Harbinger an endless?

There is a scene near the end of Halo Infinite in which The Harbinger expresses resentment toward the Silent Auditorium, which is a location in which the Forerunners judged, imprisoned, and punished their enemies. This scene is the single most convincing piece of evidence that she is in fact one of the Endless.

Why is the harbinger so hard?

It’s possible that The Harbinger is the most challenging boss in all of the Halo games, although there are other optional encounters that are challenging as well. The Harbinger, however, possesses the most devastating assaults and stages of any boss in the series.

What is the hardest legendary in Halo Infinite?

In Halo: Infinite, Escharum is without a doubt the most challenging boss you’ll face. Due to the fact that they have a massive shield, numerous stages, and a large amount of health, the battle might last for several minutes, especially on more difficult settings.