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How to Bold Text in iPhone Text Messages Using Subject Lines


You can help place the much-needed focus on select specific areas of your message or text by making those sections bold in the text. Additionally, helpful in organizing and making it easier to navigate through communications, bold text should be used whenever possible if you are sending a significantly longer message, making some sections bold can be a good alternative to help your receiver navigate the critical areas without losing interest. This is especially helpful if you are sending multiple messages. The use of subject lines will be the focus of this article as it explains how to make text in iPhone text messages bold. So let’s get started:

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How to Bold Text in iPhone Text Messages Using Subject Lines

1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down until you find “Messages,” and then tap on it.

2. At the very bottom of the page, directly under the heading “SMS/MMS,” locate the toggle switch positioned next to “Show Subject Field,” then tap it so that it turns green and is turned on.

How to Bold Text in iPhone Text Messages Using Subject Lines

3. After that, open the Messages app on your device and either start a new conversation or start a new thread in an existing one.

4. You will now see that a new field with the label “Subject” has been added where you can write the text. Whatever you type into the box before sending the message will be underlined in bold when delivered.

How to Bold Text in iPhone Text Messages Using Subject Lines

You must remember that you cannot simply type the complete text of your message into the subject line of your email. your is very crucial. If you make an effort, the bold text will be changed to regular text. Even though the default text messaging program preinstalled on iPhones does not support using bold text, there is a wide choice of different texting apps that can be downloaded from the program Store. This includes well-known applications such as WhatsApp and Discord, amongst a number of others.


What is the subject bar on iMessage?

Within the Settings app’s Messages section is where you’ll find the option to Show Subject Field. Its literal meaning is to display the subject field in the Messages application. When turned on, when you go to send a text message over iMessage, you will see a topic line above iMessage.

Can you make something bold in iMessage?

To make text in an iMessage bold, first choose the words or phrases you wish to emphasize, and then press the “B” button on your keyboard. To achieve this effect, input the text you wish to bold or italicize, and then press the “B” or “I” key on your keyboard.

What is a title bar on iPhone?

People are assisted in navigating through a content hierarchy by means of a navigation bar that appears at the top of an app’s screen. Additionally, a navigation bar offers a natural location to display a screen’s title, which assists users in orienting themselves inside your application or game. A navigation bar can also incorporate buttons that modify the screen’s content.

What is orange bar on iPhone?

If you see an orange signal, it implies that some app on your iPhone is now utilizing the microphone. If the Differentiate Without Color setting is activated, this signal will be represented by a square in orange color. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size in order to turn on the Differentiate Without Color setting.

Can I change the bold font on my iPhone?

Proceed to the Settings menu, then select Accessibility, and then select Display & Text Size. Modify any of the following if necessary: Display the content with boldface characters if you select this option. Larger Text: To enable larger accessible sizes, first turn on Larger Accessibility Sizes, then use the slider to change the text size.

How do you bold or italicize on iMessage?

You may italicize text on an iPhone by accessing the iOS Settings app and using the built-in text formatting choices that are available there. To accomplish this, launch the Settings app and select the “General” option from the menu. The next step is to select “Accessibility.” In the “Vision” section, select the option to “Text Size and Bold Font.” You have the ability to activate the “Italics” option in this section.