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How to Bond and Find Strand Sources in Destiny 2


After completing the Lightfall campaign the first time, you will be able to locate this mission when you are adventuring on Neptune. You can obtain it by conversing with Quinn in the Hall of Heroes. In order to complete one of the objectives, you will need to bond with Strand sources, which can be found in the Vex Incursion Zone. This zone is never the same, and neither is the process of finding the Particular sources you need to connect with. This post will teach you how to locate strand sources in Destiny 2 so that you can form bonds with them. So let’s get started:

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How to Bond and Find Strand Sources in Destiny 2

The Strand sources that you will need to find will be very similar to the ones that you were using during the Lightfall mission. You should be able to find these glowing orbs with a core green light dispersed around the map. They will grant you access to the Strand subclass. You should already have Strand unlocked on your character at this point; nonetheless, this will amplify your present skills, providing you a significant boost in power for your Super and your other abilities whenever you use it.

How to Bond and Find Strand Sources in Destiny 2

The process of locating Reliable sources with which you may form a link is very difficult. These locations do not appear when you bring your Ghost up since there is no specific place on the map where they are supposed to spawn. Instead, you will have to search the whole Vex Incursion Zone in order to find them and bring them to justice. You can find the Vex Incursion Zone by looking at the icon for the Incursion that is located on the map and following any of the lines that travel through it. Liming Harbor is the location where the Vex Incursion Zone is now located, as can be seen on the map.

How to Bond and Find Strand Sources in Destiny 2

After you have located at least two of these Strand bonds, the Maelstrom quest will be considered finished for you. But, beyond the completion of this quest, these Strand bonds will continue to emerge, and you will be able to use them to renew your Strand powers whenever you play on Neptune.


What element is Strand Destiny 2?

In the same way that Stasis is an elemental manifestation of the Darkness, Strand also exists in this world. The Weave is a grid of psychic energy that connects all objects and minds in the universe, and this item grants the user the ability to influence the Weave. As the second of the Darkness-based subclasses, it was made available in the Lightfall expansion when it was first launched.

What is the max element in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2, the maximum number of Resonant Elements you can possess at any given moment is 10,000.

What is the infinite power limit in Destiny?

As of the most recent season, the new maximum possible Power is now 1800 (1810 with Pinnacle gear). The following table provides information regarding the maximum possible Power for the current season, as well as information regarding the maximum possible Power for prior seasons, DLCs, and events.

Can you get 1600 power Destiny 2?

Every Guardian now begins their journey with a Power Level of 1600, the limit for the Weak cap has been raised to 1750, the limit for the Powerful cap has been raised to 1800, and the limit for the Pinnacle cap, also known as the Max Light Level, has been raised to 1810.

Do I need to equip highest gear Destiny 2?

It is not necessary to equip your gear with the highest possible Power level in order to continue getting better drops. Your Gear Level is not affected by the Seasonal Artifact in any way; all it does is provide an additional boost to your overall Power level for the relevant season.