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How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online


One of the most recent additions to the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars Update is Stash Houses. You can get some quick money and RP using them to help you get by in Los Santos. These are tasks that take some time to finish but are unquestionably fun. Players will get a request from Gerald to eliminate his rivals by raiding Stash Houses all throughout the city as the Los Santos Drug Wars continue. You will receive some GTA$ as payment for doing so, and the plundered goods will aid in restocking any in-game company you control. This tutorial will show you how to open a safe in GTA 5. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

Break into a safe in a Stash House.

Locate the purple indicator on the mini-map that looks like a house with a crosshair over it to find Stash Houses in GTA 5 Online. A Stash House’s spawn location will be randomly selected from a pool of 25 locations on the map, and players are only permitted to raid one Stash House daily. Every day at 07:00 UTC, the sites of the Stash House spawn vary.

How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

Once you are close to a Stash House, enter through the entrance indicated by the highlighted marker. You must defeat the adversaries within to advance to open the safe. By dialing the necessary code, which consists of a string of numbers, the safe within a Stash House can be opened. You can find a bright yellow sticky note with a code inside each Stash House. To open the safe, enter the numbers on the sticky note in the appropriate places.

How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

You must depart the area after opening the safe and taking its contents to accomplish the job. Once you leave the Stash House, opponents will start trying to find you, so be careful. The objective will be finished once you are removed from the Stash House, and the foes will stop pursuing you. You can restock your MC, Bunker, Acid Lab, or Nightclub Warehouse companies by completing a Stash House raid, and you’ll also get some GTA$ as a reward. If you own none of the aforementioned companies, you will get 30,000 GTA dollars immediately.

How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

How to Get the Stash House safe code

You need a safe code to unlock a stash house safe. In some undetermined location inside the stash house, a yellow Post-it note containing the safe code is posted. These are not difficult to locate and are typically found next to a laptop.

How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

You must enter the code that you have learned into the safe. By doing that, you’ll be able to get the components out of the safe and into your possession.

How to Break Into Safe in GTA 5 Online

As soon as you leave the stash house, you must take out a few gangsters’ vehicles. After dealing with them, leave the area to accomplish the mission. The loot from the stash house will be transferred if you own any businesses. You’ll receive an easy $30,000 if you don’t own any businesses.


How do safes work in GTA 5?

Every in-game day, the wall safe will restock with cash, but how much depends on a number of variables. For every five security contracts that players execute, up to a maximum of 200, the amount of money deposited to the safe will rise by $500.

How do you get money out of the safe in GTA 5 Online?

A prompt will show as you get closer to the wall. Pressing right on the d-pad will then unlock your safe. After you’ve unlocked the hidden panel, all you have to do is approach your nightclub wall safe to take any money inside.

What can be robbed in GTA 5?

Robberies are just one of the many methods to get money in GTA V. During the game’s plot missions, you can commit several heists, rob 24/7 shops, booze stores, armored trucks found traveling about Los Santos, and more. This store has two registers, and you may anticipate leaving with $950.

What is the money cheat in GTA 5?

GTA 5 doesn’t have a money cheat code. The Rockstar game makers want us to enjoy cheating, but they haven’t provided us with a way to make a ton of free money, which is unsurprising. There is no GTA money hack for either single-player or multiplayer; this is true for both.

Where is the best place to rob in GTA 5?

With a projected payment of $1200, the petrol station on Tongva Drive in Banham Canyon is one of the best sites to rob in GTA 5. Several thousand dollars and two registers. Take the cash, then dash towards the hills to get away.