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How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website


You will need to check into the specific account associated with that particular provider and manage your subscription there or contact the Help Center associated with your provider in order to cancel your HBO Max subscription through those other providers. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to terminate your HBO Max subscription via the website. So let’s get started:

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How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website

Below, for your convenience, we have explained the steps that need to be taken in order to cancel your HBO Max membership on the website.

1. In order to access your account on using your personal computer, you will need to first sign in.

2. After clicking on your profile, which can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen, navigate to the drop-down menu and select the option labelled “Subscription.”

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website

3. Select the option to Manage Your Subscription from the window that appears next.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website

4. When the following window displays, select the option that allows you to cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website

5. When this occurs, you will be presented with a notification asking you if you would like to discontinue your subscription. To confirm your cancellation, click the Yes, Cancel Membership button; however, it is essential that you make a note of the date that your subscription will be cancelled, as this is the only way to confirm your cancellation.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on the Website


Is there a cancellation fee for HBO Max?

You won’t have to worry about being paid for the next month if you cancel your subscription one or two days before the beginning of your next billing cycle. You will also be allowed to continue streaming for the remainder of the month even if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the given month. Even if you delete the HBO Max app from your device, your subscription will continue uninterrupted.

Why can’t I delete my HBO Max account?

You are unable to delete the primary HBO Max profile associated with your account. In order to gain access to the HBO Max service, you are required to maintain at least one active profile. You can, however, modify the name of your profile by going to the Manage Profiles tab and then clicking on the name of the profile you want to change.

Is it easy to cancel HBO now?

If you have a direct subscription through the provider, you will have no trouble cancelling your HBO NOW streaming service at any time. If you access HBO NOW through a third-party site such as Amazon, the procedure for cancelling your subscription will vary depending on the third-party platform you use.

Why can’t I access my HBO Max Subscription?

Take a stab at utilizing an alternate program or have a go at clearing the perusing information for the program you’re utilizing. Then, open HBO Max and have a go at marking in once more. Ensure you can sign in to HBO Max on another gadget. For instance, have a go at marking in on your PC (at, or the HBO Max application on your telephone or tablet (iOS or Android).

Is HBO Max shutting down?

Indeed, the link channel will be staying close by, however the web-based feature, HBO Max – we’ll need to set up our farewells. By the following year, it’ll be supplanted by another help, not yet named, which joins HBO Max and Disclosure’s own streaming application, which is called Discovery+.